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About Team Names[edit]

As in real life, in Hattrick's world each team has its own individual name. The name of the team is its prime distinguish sign of other teams in Hattrick, as it is much easier to remember a name of a team, such as AC Milan or Manchester United, than an ID number (e.g. 340592).

Common Prefixes and Suffixes of Teams Around the World[edit]

In order to make bot teams' names different, the HT engine combines randomly regions' names and some prefixes, which are special for every country.

  • Al Jazair - AS, Club of ..., CODM, SC, WYDAD
  • Al Maghrib - KAC de ..., Kawkab AC de ..., Olympique de ..., Raja, SC
  • Al Urdun - AC, FC, United
  • Andorra - Athletico, Celta, Deportivo, FC, Racing, RCD
  • Argentina - CA, FC, CSyD, Club Atlético, Fútbol Club, Club Social y Deportivo
  • Bahrain - AC, FC, United
  • Belarus - Avtomobilist, Diana, Energiya, Kosmos, Kolomna, Lokomotiv, Metallurg, Monolit, Progress, Spartak, Torpedo, Trans, Zenit
  • België - AA, Excelsior, FC, KV, R., SC, SK, SV, Sporting, VV (or combinations such as K.A.A, KFC, KSK, KSV, KVSK, RSC ...)
  • Brasil - CR, EC, SC, SE, FC
  • Canada - Polar Dogs, Polar Bears, Canucks, Mounties, Miners, Brutes, Rangers, Nordiques, Diggers, Tanners, Drillers, Hunters, Timbermen, Pioneers, Blizzards, Oilers.
  • China - United, FC (mostly behind the team's name)
  • Česká republika - AC, FC, FK, SK
  • Danmark - BK, FK, IF , FC , GF
  • Deutschland - FC, SC, SpVgg, TuS, TSV, SV (or combinations FSV, HSV, SSV, SVW)
  • England - FC, United, City, Town, Athletic, Rovers, Reserves, Wanderers
  • España - Real, Atletico, Deportivo
  • France - AS, FC, Olympique
  • Hong Kong - Dragons
  • Hungary - FC, TC, SC, TE, SE, VSE
  • Israel - Maccabi, Beitar, Hapoel
  • Italia - AC, Inter
  • Latvija - FK, Skonto, Ditton, Jurmala, Ventspils, Metalurgs, ASK
  • México - Real, CF, Club, Athletico, Deportivo
  • Moldova - Steaua, United, FC
  • Nederland - FC, SC, SV, VV, ... Vooruit, Sparta, Excelsior.
  • Nippon - United, Otakus, Eagles, Bluefins
  • Norge - BK, FK, IF, IK, IL
  • Österreich - AK, SV, SK
  • Panama- FC, CF, San, Real, CD
  • Polska - KS, MKS, GKS, CWKS, Pogon, Gornik
  • România - FC, FCM, CS, CSM, AS, CF, CFM, CA
  • Rossiya - FK, Zenit, Spartak, Lokomotiv, CSKA
  • Schweiz - FC, SV, AS
  • Slovenija - NK, ND, FC
  • Sverige - IFK, IF, IK, BK, IS, BOIS, FK, FF
  • Türkiye - SK, JK, A.Ş., Spor, Belediyespor, İdman Yurdu, Demirspor
  • USA - Apaches, Bears, Conquerors, Heroes, Huns, Indian, Kickers, Spartan, Stars, Wolves
  • Vietnam - United, Club

Unique Team Names[edit]

In Hattrick's world, not all teams stick to a formula for names.

Special team names gives a unique flavour to Hattrick, and makes the game more enjoyable and personalised.

In the English speaking leagues, bad puns are always a favourite, as are names involving popular animals such as monkeys.

  • Deutschland - Name wurde an eine Großbrauerei verkauft (523076) ["Name was sold to a huge brewery"], Fed.Bureau of Ignorance,Intolerance & Indifference (818947)
  • Israel - Maccabi Schnitzel (340592); flotzim (153810) ["farts" in Hebrew]; f.c ha'kaka zaf (346999) ["The shit is floating" in Hebrew] .
  • Jamaica - (484486) ; [read "zion eleven dot com" ; Zion is a term often used in reggae music, originally from the Bible. In this case the .com is not a joke, the team really has an official website ]
  • België — Celtic Scheisse (1028590) ["Scheisse" means "shit" in German] REALRACINGBAYERNMATTHEUSJUNIORCITYKVUNITEDFCGROENG (7685401)
  • Hungary - Lehet, hogy néz egy csaj. (1646429) ["Maybe a girl is watching me." in Hungarian]; Nem Tom Fc (577851) ["I don't know" in Hungarian]
  • Oceania - The Frying Pigs (37177), Killeroos FC (37146), abbreviated into KFC, a fast food chicken restaurant.
  • Colombia - Tu Papá ya es Grande (543888) (Literally translates "Your Dad is already grown up" but it is read as "your Papaya is big")
  • Peru - Once Vampiros Rojinegros (397177) (Eleven Red&Black Vampires); Shalala Billy (686858); CSKA AZ AS VfB VfL Real Olympique United FCA S.A (1620590)
  • Schweiz - FC Stelo Verda (1451864) (Using the language Esperanto of L. Zamenhof, meaning FC green star, which leads us to the flag of this idiom)
  • Saudi Arabia - Alan Moore's Beard (394446) (Famous English comic book writer and creator of Constantine, V for Vendetta, and Watchmen. Has a tremendously long beard and apparently a fan in Saudi Arabia. What were the odds?).
  • Sweden - 60+ och ölmage - still going strong (40380) (the first part of the name means 60+ and beer belly)
  • USA - Can't Be Worse Than Liverpool (71615); Future Tofu Yoinkers of America featuring sergiv30 (222113); Greedy Orphans Fighting and Biting (222208); Split Perssonality (8220); Neanderthals (228192); Real Jerk (224587)
  • Cyprus - Cyprus' worst team ever (now deleted)
  • Latvia - FC Kuces Forever (231642) ("Biches Forever" in Latvian)

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