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rpeters is a manager in the USA who managed the U20 team for two terms. He was also elected to manage the senior national team, but was famously disqualified by the HT team for rule violations during the election.

His tenure as the U20 manager was frequently stormy. Despite the poor performance of the team in qualification for U-20 World Cup X (finishing fifth of seven teams in group 3), rpeters stood for another term. He withstood a strong challenge, winning by three votes over hrudey22. The U.S. subsequently finished fifth again (this time out of eight teams in group 14, with rpeters appearing to abandon the team after they failed to qualify, but not before appointing several of his own players to the squad.

NT Election X

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From: rpeters (8447251.1) as reply to ()
To: Everyone 3/26/2007 at 01.54
I started playing Hattrick in June of 2003 as the owner of what is now Green Country. In 13 seasons, Green Country has won 5 Series Championships on their way to Series III.6. Last season I guided the Greys to the 9th round of the US Open Cup. I began following the NT almost immediately upon starting Hattrick because I was a long time fan of the RL national team.

Through guiding Green Country and following the NT, I have built upon two skills that I think are essential to running a successful NT: scouting and communication. For me, scouting opponents might be the most enjoyable part of Hattrick. I thrive on the challenge of working harder than the opponent to evaluate personnel and to pick up on tendencies so I can best prepare Green Country for a match. I have also developed many friendships over the seasons and feel my ability to get along and communicate with others will help me keep everyone organized and informed.

I think TR has us heading in the right direction. The inclusion of multi-skilled players gives us more tactical options and moves the team toward where recent game changes have led us and where I hope future game changes take us…that is less reliance on unaffordable, super-skilled players. I would like to continue the movement toward increasing the role of multi-skilled players on the NT. In addition to giving us tactical flexibility, increasing the role of multi-skilled players permits users to train NT players without bankrupting their clubs. For example, look at the wages of some multi-skilled players with NT potential: Kurt Cutler ($61,700), Fred Fennell ($73,900), or Wiley Zavala ($40,640). Those players are very affordable and have skill sets that permit them to contribute in more than 1/7th of the field.

Although increasing the role of multi-skilled players gives us flexibility, affordable players, and strengthens the future of our NT, multi-skilled players alone won’t win medals right now. I always play to win and that is what I would do with the NT. My goal as NT coach would be to bring home a World Cup medal. In order to do that, we still have to rely on super-skilled players to carry much of the load. I favor players with passing, like Roger Robles, and players with specialties, Hugh Spain and Cory Thomas. With a good mix of super-skilled players and multi-skilled players I am confident we can reach the semi-finals of the next World Cup.

The only problem I have with the way TR ran the NT is the walkover shenanigans. I think TR did a great job on the field (personnel decisions and tactics), but failed us off the field (walkover shenanigans). There was probably a better way to make our point that the NT system is not perfect than to say we were not going to field a NT in the World Cup. Furthermore, the real point of the walkover shenanigans, placing pressure on our opponents to sway their TS tactics, is against the spirit of competition. I would have simply made a Global announcement that the USA is dedicated to working with other nations toward reducing the importance of monster players.

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From: rpeters (8447251.2) as reply to (8447251.1)
To: rpeters 3/26/2007 at 01.54
We all realize that are at a mathematical disadvantage competing against the Germanys and the Swedens of the Hattrick world. If we really want to compete consistently, there need to be more individual and group efforts to expand the USA user base. Even if the game is not destined to take off here because of American views on soccer, I think through minimal effort we can make a push to hit 10,000 users. I have been working in three areas to build the user base:

1) Keeping the game interesting and enjoyable for current teams. Many long-time users are quitting Hattrick because the game is either getting old to them or they don’t like changes the developers have implemented. On the other hand, many long-time users are sticking it out because they have developed friendships with other users. In an effort to keep the game interesting and foster the development of friendships within the game, I have established the Oklahoma Cup which feeds into the United States Champions’ Cup, founded the Oklahoma Federation, and worked to set up a Red River Shootout challenge between the Oklahoma Federation and the Texas Consortium. I have also worked with TexCon to increase their membership and improve their long-standing cup. We need more games within the game to keep user interest up and develop new friendships within the game.

I would take the same approach while running the NT by setting up a federation for active discussion of NT personnel, scouting, and tactics. I feel that an onsite forum is advantageous because it keeps things compact and is a great tool for attracting users to become involved in the NT.

2) Increasing the retention rate for new users. A good friend of mine always says “Nobody every got anywhere without a little help.” Hattrick can be overwhelming for new users. Think how many new teams find themselves in debt, with no training program, and a bunch of scrubs they picked up off of the transfer market with no idea what they were doing. I have contacted hundreds of new users over the past year in an effort to help them get started and stay with the game. I commend the others of you that have done the same. We need more users that will give a little of their time to help new users find their way through the first season and beyond.

As NT coach, I would try to get new users involved in the NT. Following the NT is a great way for new users to learn about training and tactics. Involving new users also benefits the NT program by increasing awareness and activity. We need to help our new users get established and get them interested in training U-20 and NT players.

3) Informing others about the great game of Hattrick How did you find out about Hattrick? There seem to be an endless number of avenues for developing a larger user base here in the USA. I can’t even begin to list the ways in which our active user population could reach out to spark interest in Hattrick amongst others. For example, I am setting up a Hattrick gathering at the FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo game in Dallas on June 30th. I have been in contact with FC Dallas sales to get us a discount and to get an announcement made at the game. The game will be on FSC so we may even be lucky enough to get some TV time! Who knows, maybe a handful of people will remember Hattrick the next time they get online and check it out.

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From: rpeters (8447251.3) as reply to (8447251.2)
To: rpeters 3/26/2007 at 01.55
That said, I refuse to use our mathematical disadvantage as an excuse. Look at the semi-finalists for the last World Cup: Estonia (4,435), Czech Republic (14,732), Russia (2,672), and Hungary (13,679). Moreover, Latvia (5,069) and Oceania (4,354) have enjoyed success in previous World Cups. We have an ample amount of talent and support to do the same.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Posted by the Game Masters after rpeters' election win:

Hattrick announces
New NT coach 4/7/2007
All users, including users participating in elections, have to respect the Hattrick rules.

We have been informed that rpeters has not respected these rules during the elections. He has been disqualified from his NT function.

kevinapps, runner-up during elections, will be the new National trainer.

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