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Quantum Soccer is a hattrick club founded on August 20, 2007 by Psyluke, who collected 320 achievement points so far. Team is located in Lombardia, Italia.

Italy Quantum Soccer (1040395)
managed by Psyluke
Full Name Quantum Soccer
Nickname CMB
Founded 2007-08-20
Location Lombardia, Italia
Arena Planck Satellite Memorial
Coach Italy Alfio Citti Ht star.png
League VI.856
updated on: 2014-08-09 11:47
Team kits
Home kit
Away kit
Planck Satellite Memorial Icon-qualification-game.png
Planck Satellite Memorial
Last Rebuild 2011-03-19
Terraces 28225
Basic 11054
Roof 7742
VIP 1176
Capacity 48197


Division VI.PNG

Season 51

Division VI.PNG

Season 57

Division VIII.PNG

Season 47

Division VIII.PNG

Season 44

Division IX.png

Season 36

Brief History

As 'Master Thief'

Team manager Psyluke began his career in season 33, taking control over a team who was struggling with many problems in IX.854 league. The situation was difficult, because the team was in 7th position of the league with just 4 points after the first half of the season. The run for the 6th position was achieved with the last decisive match: it has been a great victory that condemned to X league the opponent, while Master Thief was safe in IX. Forward Sebas de Rink achieved the top scorer title in season 35 with 12 goals, even if the season was plagued with problems that led coach Sergio Avallone to be fired. Niculae Ghioca was called to take his place.

As 'The Area 51 Team'

The team left the IX league on season 36, ending first on the final ranking. Then stayed for many years in VIII.1983 league, aiming for a new promotion, but the result wasn't achieved until season 44. Meanwhile, the team was allowed to play in the Coppa Italia but always lost the first match: the historical first victory in the cup came in season 42, but the team lost the second match. During season 43, coach Niculae Ghioca was fired and Gigi Vella was nominated new coach for the team.
The first chance in VII league came in season 45, and it was in VII.573. But the team showed its own limits and ended on the 7th position, thus returning in VIII.710 league. Next season was unsatisfying for everyone: on the final ranking, Area 51 yelded only the 4th position. The team then gave a last chance to the coach Gigi Vella, who had to lead the team to a new promotion, with the threat to be fired.
Season 47 has been the greatest in the team's history so far: the 1st position was achieved without losing any match and scoring 10 more points than the 2nd team. Forward Eligio de Martini was also the top scorer of the season with 16 goals. The team was promoted in league VII.334.
The positive result streak ended at first cup match of season 48, and it was the first time after two years that the team did not play the second match of the cup. Surprisingly, the team ended the season at the 2nd place and then was promoted again after just a year. In the same season, Luigino Fejles was the top scorer of the league with 10 goals, an unusual title for an IM.
In season 49 Area 51 played in league VI.284: against all the odds, the team yelded the 4th position in the final rank. Nobody expected to achieve the highest peak in team history during the season 51: the final 1st position at the and of season 51 gave the team the chance to be promoted in V league with a play-off match against Real Aimone F.C.. The match ended with a victory for The Area 51 Team, then arrived in league v.65 during season 52. Unfortunately, the team was defeated in the 1st round of Coppa Italia and during last round of the season lost all the chances to remain in the same league. Therefore, the team was relegated in VI.610 league, and failed to win the league in the next season. This led coach Gigi Vella to announce his retirement, and former team captain Alfio Citti has taken his place for season 54, but didn't fare very well: the team lost the second cup match and failed again to win the series, but Andrea Palla won the top scorer title during the same season.

As 'Quantum Soccer'

After some good placements, the team was promoted again at the end of the season 57, even avoiding the play-off match and achieving a direct promotion in V.115. During the same season the team managed also to reach 10 consecutive victories, as well as scoring 69 goals (both are a new maximum in the team history) and leading Haluk Ünal to the winning of the top scorer title.
In the next season the team yealded the 6th position in the end, and won the play-out match effectively gaining the second consecutive season in a V league for the first time. This second season ended again with the 6th position but the team lost the play-out match this time, and was relegated in VI.856.

History Table

Global season League Cup elimination point Coach
33 6° in IX.854 Not eligible Italy Sergio Avallone
34 4° in IX.854 Not eligible Italy Sergio Avallone
35 5° in IX.854 Not eligible Italy Sergio Avallone (fired)/Romania Niculae Ghioca
36 1° in IX.854 Not eligible Romania Niculae Ghioca
37 4° in VIII.1983 1st match Romania Niculae Ghioca
38 6° in VIII.1983 1st match Romania Niculae Ghioca
39 4° in VIII.1983 1st match Romania Niculae Ghioca
40 4° in VIII.1983 1st match Romania Niculae Ghioca
41 4° in VIII.1983 1st match Romania Niculae Ghioca
42 3° in VIII.1983 2nd match Romania Niculae Ghioca
43 4° in VIII.1983 1st match Romania Niculae Ghioca (fired)/ItalyGigi Vella
44 1° in VIII.1983 1st match ItalyGigi Vella
45 7° in VII.573 1st match ItalyGigi Vella
46 4° in VIII.710 2nd match ItalyGigi Vella
47 1° in VIII.710 2nd match ItalyGigi Vella
48 2° in VII.334 1st match ItalyGigi Vella
49 4° in VI.284 4th match ItalyGigi Vella
50 6° in VI.284 2nd match ItalyGigi Vella
51 1° in VI.284 3rd match ItalyGigi Vella
52 7° in V.65 1st match ItalyGigi Vella
53 2° in VI.610 6th match ItalyGigi Vella
54 3° in VI.610 2nd match ItalyAlfio Citti
55 3° in VI.610 3rd match ItalyAlfio Citti
56 2° in VI.610 2nd match of Coppa Mediterraneo ItalyAlfio Citti
57 1° in VI.610 4th match of Coppa Alpi ItalyAlfio Citti
58 6° in V.115 5th match of Coppa Alpi ItalyAlfio Citti
59 6° in V.115 3rd match of Coppa Alpi ItalyAlfio Citti

Fan Club

Team's fan club is called I Neutrini. Currently there are 2044 members.

Youth Club

The youth club is called Youngschool and has been the starting point for many players of the team.

Youth Staff

Coach: Luigino Fejles
Scouts: Prospero Nicotra, Mirco Stefano, Gigi Vella

Current squad

Goals scored for The Area 51 Team are noted in brackets. If there is none, all goals were scored for the team.

Nat. Player Jersey Position Goals Hattricks NT U20 Origin Important notes
Italy Stefano Trabucchi Ht star.png 2 CD 12 (3) 0 0 0 RussiaPROSPEKT MIRA -
Italy Adriano Allegri Ht star.png 3 WB 18 0 0 0 Youth club (returned from SpainEUSKOLABEL08) -
Finland Juho Lerkki Ht star.png 4 IM 22 (3) 0 0 0 FinlandRive-92 Seniors -
Italy Omar Arcua Ht star.png 5 WB 27 1 0 0 Youth club -
Italy Tiziano Ciani Ht star.png 6 W 45 1 0 0 Youth club -
Italy Andrea Palla Ht star.png 9 FW 171 (127) 12 (9) 0 0 Belgiumbosko balaban kv Nicknamed 'Amore' by the president, most goals scored in cups (36), current team captain, most times team captain (153).
Italy Alfredo Mengarelli Ht star.png 10 DF 99 7 0 0 Youth club -
Germany Falko Bartenschlager Ht star.png 11 FW 34 (22) 1 (0) 0 0 Navab United Iran -
Italy Catello Margolfo Ht star.png 12 GK 0 0 0 0 Youth club -
Italy Andrea Deiana Ht star.png 13 WB 10 0 0 0 Youth club -
Italy Matteo Pezzatini Ht star.png 14 CD 6 0 0 0 Youth Club -
Italy Raniero Usvardi Ht star.png 15 IM 17 0 0 0 Youth club -
Italy Siro Sangoi Ht star.png 16 IM 44 0 0 0 Youth club Most cup matches played (44)
Ecuador Esteban Quinteros Ht star.png 17 W 17 (15) 0 0 0 Oceania Mike Hunt FC -
Turkey Haluk Ünal Ht star.png 18 FW 96 (64) 1 0 0 Belgiumdvt Best "goals per 90 minutes" rating (0,71)
Italy Valentino Belisario Ht star.png 19 W 5 0 0 0 Youth Club -
Italy Giancarlo Beggio Ht star.png 20 W 8 1 0 0 Youth Club -
Switzerland Balz Hausten Ht star.png 21 IM 48 (37) 1 0 0 SwitzerlandFc Blue-White Wytoria Skyliners Set pieces taker
Italy Maurizio Seruis Ht star.png 23 GK 2 0 0 0 Youth club -
Italy Alfio Citti Ht star.png 44 T 61 3 0 0 Original team Team coach
Italy Giovanni Salvalai Ht star.png 97 IM 3 0 0 0 Youth Club -
Italy Andrea Tangorra Ht star.png 98 DF 2 0 0 0 Youth Club -
Italy Isaak Axterer Ht star.png 99 FW 17 0 0 0 Youth club Nicknamed 'Skarsone' by the team fan club.

Transfer stats

Total Purchases: 21 177 766 €
Total Sales: 8 495 221 €
Difference: -12 682 545 €
Average (bought): 705 926 €
Average (sold): 134 845 €
Average (bought + sold): -136 371 €
Players bought: 30
Players sold: 63
Number of transfers: 93

Former players of the team

Still Playing

Goals scored for The Area 51 Team are noted in brackets. If there is none, no goal for the team was scored by the player.

Player Nat. Goals Hattricks NT U20 Origin Owner
Bernardo Ciaccio Ht star.png Italy 32 (14) 1 0 0 Youth club (returned from Germany1983 Mingolsheim) Poland Husaria Tomaszów
Dzintars Purmalis Ht star.png Latvia 66 (36) 1 0 0 ItalyA.C.Tua 1994 Italy AC Skorpions
Emilio Bartoletti Ht star.png Italy 6 0 0 0 Youth club Sweden Viaköps BK
Ettore Bertelli Ht star.png Italy 44 (2) 0 0 0 Youth club (Player) Italy Fenice AC
Fausto Pagliano Ht star.png Italy 41 2 0 0 Youth club Italy Real Patata C.F.
Gianluca Colangelo Ht star.png Italy 32 2 0 0 Youth club (Player) Italy nimzoteam
Girolamo Tremonte Ht star.png Italy 55 4 0 0 Youth club Spain Querubin A
Giuliano Cerrelli Ht star.png Italy 4 0 0 0 Youth club Germany Bedrisste Kameltreiber
Marino 'Don' Roncaglione Ht star.png Italy 83 8 0 0 Youth club Netherlands Snuffie United
Massimo Morelli Ht star.png Italy 26 2 0 0 Youth club Israel Tishu United FC
Maxime Cid Ht star.png France 60 2 0 0 Poland Reagan boys Spain C.D.Puente
Pietro Todarello Ht star.png Italy 13 0 0 0 Youth Club Switzerland sin eater

Retired Players

Italy Fabrizio Muscarà, Italy Alex Ilari, Italy Anthony Santicoli, Italy Luigi Lamberti, Italy Scipio Fracchia, Poland Gustaw Czerniec, Italy Daniele Zaccaria, Italy Giorgio Capatonda, Italy Pietro Antonio Granata, Italy Fulvio Stentardo, Netherlands Tjeerd Menten, Italy Leonardo Testi, Italy Marco Calzolari, Turkey Osman Ersezer, Argentina Pierpaolo Zaffaroni, Italy Alessio Avesio, Germany Franck Kühles, Denmark Mads Klode, Italy Benjamin Schreiber, Italy Vincenzo Battiato, Belgium Jan Tammer, Italy Luigi Salemi, Italy Alex Stegagno, Italy Iuri Flebus, Italy Bruno Taranto, Italy Eligio De Martini, Czech Republic Zdislav Vavruška, Italy Fabrizio Andrioli, Portugal Domingos Barrento, Belgium Atakan Menşur, Brazil Carlos Humberto Pernambucano, Romania Endre Lovász, Bulgaria Ivan Vasilev, Italy Ottaviano Graziani, Italy Carletto Falcone Aniello, Italy Costantino Biagianti, Italy Dario Colluto.

Hall of Fame

Gianluca De Beni.jpg
Gian Luca De Beni Ht star.png
First day with club 2007-09-07, from Switzerland FC Aarau 1902
Current occupation Referee
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 38 in March 4, 2012. He achieved the greatest number of hattricks for the team (3).
Prospero Nicotra.jpg
Prospero Nicotra Ht star.png
First day with club 2009-10-30, from Youth Club
Current occupation Youth Scout
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 37 in June 27, 2015. He was the goalkeeper with the most official matches (54) and minutes (422) played without taking any goal.
136215088 de Rink.jpg
Sebas de Rink Ht star.png
First day with club 2007-10-31, from Belgium L$K
Current occupation Marketing Director
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 35 in April 23, 2012. Top Scorer in Season 35.
Luigino Fejles Ht star.png
First day with club 2008-01-22, from Italy Passamilapalla
Current occupation Youth Trainer
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 37 in December 13, 2013. Top Scorer title achieved in Season 48 just with set pieces. He scored more goals for Area 51 (97), played the most matches (236) and minutes (20101) than everyone else.
Gigi Vella.jpg
Gigi Vella Ht star.png
First day with club 2010-08-27, Hired Coach
Current occupation Youth Scout
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 43 in April 10, 2014. He led the team as a coach from VIII series to V.

Best team results

Longest positive result streak: 13 matches (Season 47)
Longest victory streak: 10 matches (Season 57)
Best cup round achieved: 6th round (Season 53)
Highest ranking: 985° (Season 52)
Highest league achieved: V (Season 52)
Most goals scored in one season: 69 (Season 57)
Fewest goals taken in one season: 9 (Season 47)
Most points in one season: 40 (Season 47)
Most expensive player bought: France Maxime Cid 3 062 500 € (Season 54)
Highest revenue for a sale: France Maxime Cid 2 440 000 € (Season 54)

Managers Supporting Team

User Team League
Italy barbu83 icon igamercy Magnifier.png V.230

Flag Collection


Arena Hangar 18 has hosted teams from 23 of 128 countries.

Argentina Belgium Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Chile Germany Denmark England Spain France Italy Hungary Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Switzerland Scotland Finland Sweden Turkey USA


The Area 51 Team has visited 47 of 128 countries.

Argentina Belarus Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic Chile China Colombia Denmark Germany Estonia England Spain France Greece Croatia Iran Republic of Ireland Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania Hungary Mexico Netherlands Norway Oceania Austria Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Switzerland Slovakia Slovenia Serbia Finland Sweden Turkey Ukraine Uruguay USA Venezuela

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