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NT U-20 Republic of Ireland

NT U-21 Republic of Ireland

NT Republic of Ireland

Hattrick Country
Flag of Ireland
Coat of Arms of Ireland
Location of Ireland (link to Google map)
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100 € = 100 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time -1
Continent: Europe
Ireland HT Country
Western Europe
Number of regions: 26
Current local season: 70
Number of teams:
(~ active)
2 728
Level of series: 4
Top series name: Irish Premier
National cups: Irish Cup (main)
Ireland Emerald Cup (challenger)
Ireland Ruby Cup (challenger)
Ireland Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Ireland Consolation Cup (third tier)
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The Republic of Ireland or simply Ireland (Poblacht na hÉireann in Irish, also Éire) is a Western European country. It was the 19th nation to join the Hattrick World.

Geography.png The Republic of Ireland is located on the eastern side of the island of Ireland. The capital and largest city is Dublin. The state was created in 1922 as a Dominion, then in 1937 it became a republic de facto, officially declared only in 1949. Today's population is 4.9 million.
Irish government and Northern Ireland had no formal relations for most of the twentieth century, but during the 1980s and 1990s the governments worked towards a resolution to "the Troubles". Since 1998, with an Agreement, both parts have co-operated under a North-South Ministerial Council.


In those early days, Galway region was the center of the Irish hattrick universe, but Dublin & Cork region, the largest population centers, slowly challenged the Galway dominance.
  • The country is distinguished in the fact that it has added it's own localised names to the hattrick names database. This includes both Irish and English variants of real forenames and surnames for Ireland. The Irish community pulled together to achieve this momentous feat of added realism.
Moreover, in Ireland HT you would find foreign players (e.g. Dariusz Saja, playing for Ireland) more often than in any other leagues. Way to go Ireland!
  • Since creation, the Irish league has grown to a maximum of 1200 users in 2010, though it has been slower to develop than other countries.
  • Ireland hosted World Cup XXXII.

Book of Records

Further information:
  • djcoconut was the first user to create a team.
  • Balygub FC, from Galway region, promptly won promotion to the Irish premier division and, in season 2, became overall league champions. It was to be the club's only victory as, while Balygub FC slipped down the divisions...
  • DaBudgie's team Killagoola took control of the Irish Premier from season 3 to 8.
  • Terminators, managed by aylyan, became the first club outside of Galway to win a major trophy when they won the Irish Cup in local season 12.
  • GB Rovers have won the Irish Premier eight times, ahead of Killagoola who won it 6 times in a row. GB Rovers won the Irish cup 7 times in a row which is a record.
  • Irish most famous player is the internationally reknowned, Darren 'Triple D' Dunbar, who holds the record for most appearances and most goals in national team.

International Trophies

Prize Shelf
19/03/2019, Semi-finalist Bronze medal - U-20 WC 29

National Trophies

Coat of arms of Ireland.PNG SeasonTop LeagueNational Cup
63 Smithwick's FC (4) Germany Suedwest Smithwick's FC (4) Germany Suedwest
62 3Dimaina (1) Greece takis_3d AFC Carlow (1) Furixfurix
61 OLLImpique Offaly (1) Netherlands Gigfy44 Smithwick's FC (3) Germany Suedwest
60 Galway Bay Salmons FC (2) Germany chris20474 Smithwick's FC (2) Germany Suedwest
59 Smithwick's FC (3) Germany Suedwest Smithwick's FC (1) Germany Suedwest
58 Smithwick's FC (2) Germany Suedwest The NONONOS (1) Germany stefan11
57 Smithwick's FC (1) Germany Suedwest Galway Bay Salmons FC (3) Germany chris20474
56 F.C. Spórtcairde Knockpasheemore (3) Germany Knockpasheemore Galway Bay Salmons FC (2) Germany chris20474
55 Jenna & Junior FC (1) Germany -Tmy- the Genies (1) Romania Allladin
54 F.C. Spórtcairde Knockpasheemore (2) Germany Knockpasheemore Irish coffee (1) France SEYSEN_HTA
53 Galway Bay Salmons FC (1) Germany chris20474 Galway Bay Salmons FC (1) Germany chris20474
52 Napoli United F.C. (1) Italy MauRandom F.C. Spórtcairde Knockpasheemore (1) Germany Knockpasheemore
51 F.C. Spórtcairde Knockpasheemore (1) Germany Knockpasheemore Catalesia (1) Paffu
50 Thunnus Risk Taker (1) Italy Libergam Fiddle Midleton BB (1) Germany eutapes
49 Top Dogs FC (2) doubs Top Dogs FC (1) doubs
48 Top Dogs FC (1) doubs Team Rhombus (1) Teamrhombus
47 Team Rhombus (1) Teamrhombus Swords City (4) scharo78
46 Swords City (3) scharo78 Red Knights UTD (3) reddevill
45 Swords City (2) scharo78 Swords City (3) scharo78
44 Ridgewood Rovers (1) el_tactico Red Knights UTD (2) reddevill
43 Swords City (1) scharo78 Swords City (2) scharo78
42 Red Knights UTD (1) reddevill Swords City (1) scharo78
41 Tato (1) florentino51 Red Knights UTD (1) reddevill
40 Satanisci (3) barca6 7 Eagles (1) 7eagles
39 Satanisci (2) barca6 Kangshung (1) kingwillie
38 Satanisci (1) barca6 Leitrim Lions (1) Ltfc4Life
37 Mutts Nuts (3) Neilos Trotters Traders (3) Dell_Boy
36 Trotters Traders (1) Dell_Boy Squadra Verde (1) BenitoGarozzo
35 Mutts Nuts (2) Neilos Rebel Devils FC (2) TyrantQ
34 Mutts Nuts (1) Neilos Trotters Traders (2) Dell_Boy
33 Darkside Utd (5) Psychowerks Trotters Traders (1) Dell_Boy
32 Darkside Utd (4) Psychowerks *Rado* (1) Radoooo
31 Darkside Utd (3) Psychowerks Deanrock Rovers (2) DannyOR
30 Darkside Utd (2) Psychowerks Duleek FC (1) KevinC
29 Darkside Utd (1) Psychowerks Rebel Devils FC (1) TyrantQ
28 Ballyvolane Bootboys (1) AwesomoArgentinos AC (2)ElPiojoDeMorfeo
27 GB Rovers (8) shane77777 team splendiferous (2) robmckeon
26 GB Rovers (7) shane77777 Argentinos AC (1) ElPiojoDeMorfeo
25 team splendiferous (1) robmckeon Deanrock Rovers (1) DannyOR
24 Terminators (1) aylyan team splendiferous (1) robmckeon
23 GB Rovers (6) shane77777 Apoel Cormosia (1) thelanger
22 GB Rovers (5) shane77777 Chaffinch Town (1) noddy
21 GB Rovers (4) shane77777 GB Rovers (7) shane77777
20 GB Rovers (3) shane77777 GB Rovers (6) shane77777
19 Clarinbridge City (4) croga GB Rovers (5) shane77777
18 Clarinbridge City (3) croga GB Rovers (4) shane77777
17 GB Rovers (2) shane77777 GB Rovers (3) shane77777
16 GB Rovers (1) shane77777 GB Rovers (2) shane77777
15 Inter United (5) bernieb GB Rovers (1) shane77777
14 Inter United (4) bernieb Clarinbridge City (1) croga
13 Clarinbridge City (2) croga Killagoola (7) DaBudgie
12 Inter United (3) bernieb Terminators (1) aylyan
11 Clarinbridge City (1) croga Inter United (4) bernieb
10 Inter United (2) bernieb Inter United (3) bernieb
9 Inter United (1) bernieb Inter United (2) bernieb
8 Killagoola (6) DaBudgie Inter United (1) bernieb
7 Killagoola (5) DaBudgie Killagoola (6) DaBudgie
6 Killagoola (4) DaBudgie Killagoola (5) DaBudgie
5 Killagoola (3) DaBudgie Killagoola (4) DaBudgie
4 Killagoola (2) DaBudgie Killagoola (3) DaBudgie
3 Killagoola (1) DaBudgie Killagoola (2) DaBudgie
2 Balygub FC (1) djcoconut Killagoola (1) DaBudgie
1 Leitrim (bot) West Side Snot Slingers (bot)

The Double

The double means to win the league's top tier division and its primary cup competition in the same season.

Team Name Victories Season(s)
Killagoola 5 3-7
GB Rovers 4 16, 17, 20, 21
Inter United 2 9, 10
Swords City 2 43, 45
Smithwick's FC 2 59, 63
Top Dogs FC 1 49
Galway Bay Salmons FC 1 53


Current Officers:     Former Officers:


   Magnifier.png   Further information: List of Federations
  • PSBI
Paddy says: BUY IRISH!© (PSBI)
Following the ideas the initial founder had for this federation; a long-term effort to improve the irish national squads by insuring that all irishmen get their training, and on home ground! PSBI is also a federation where one can discuss tactics, post requests, locate irish players via scout reports, participate in the annual youth pull challenge or just talk.
If a federation thinks that they got what it takes, challenge them! Contact Dell_boy or our PFCO Im_the_gaffer
  • Ted Fed
Ted Fed (Ted Fed)
A federation frequented by lovers of Ireland's most famous comedy show Fr Ted. Noted for it's abandonment of all rules and general banter. Set up by Milky.
  • Irish Management Forum
Irish Management Forum (IMF)
Dedicated to discussing Irish tactics and all thinks U20 and National team.
  • Irish U17 Youth Scouting Federation
Irish U17 Youth Scouting Federation
Medazza set up this innvotive forum in order to keep track of Irish Youth teams. We hope to see the benefits of this fed in the near future.

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