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The Belgium forum is the national conference of Belgium. It is managed by the Belgian Moderators.

Klaag & vreugdemuur


In autumn 2004 the first "Klaagmuur" was opened by GM-Moons inspired by the one on the Dutch forum. It is a topic meant for all people who want to complain about Hattrick.
So if the Random got you again, you get another bad youth pull or you don't find the player you're looking for on the transfer market.. this is the place to be!

The nice intro was written by GM-CableGuy in March 2006 (in Flemish):
Dat er veel te klagen is binnen Hattrick is wel duidelijk, gezien we alweer 6000 klachten hebben kunnen huisvesten op de vorige klaagmuren. Hoe we ook zochten, er is daar echter geen vierkante centimeter meer onbeschreven en dus hebben we drastische maatregelen moeten treffen. Gelukkig hebben we aan de andere kant van de stad nog ergens een leegstaand muurke gevonden, dat we vakkundig hebben laten witten, en na de nodige stedenbouwkundige adviezen, hebben we de toelating gekregen dat jullie ook deze weer steen per steen kunnen volkliederen met jullie klaagliederen, HT-verwensingen en benadeeldvoelingen.


Shortly after the opening of the Klaagmuur people got annoyed about so many complaints.
Then GC-scoolioke opened the "Vreugdemuur" also inspired by a Dutch example.
Here people can cheer about a great victory, a good youth pull or fine trades!
In November 2006 Janmat introduced an adapted version of the Klaagmuur intro that has been used to start the Vreugdemuur ever since.

More complaints

From the very beginning people complained more than they cheered.
At the moment the 35th version of the Klaagmuur is being filled, meaning over 30.000 complaints are made!
While the Vreugdemuur is only at its 19th edition..
This proves people like to complain!


At the end of every season it is election time!
The Belgian system allows everyone who writes a speech and answers some questions to have his or here own election topic.
There is also a general discussion topic where all candidates can discus with each other and with their voters.
Sometimes election topics are filled with pointless spam, for example those of idioot.
Some people want to change the system because to many "not serious candidates" turn up and make the national forum into a mess..


Every once in a while someone starts a topic to hold a meeting with other hattrickers.
There have been several meetings announced on the Belgian national forum.

  • In 2005 in Kortrijk, Gent and Oostende.
  • In 2006 in Hasselt, Brugge, Gent (2), Leuven and Kortrijk.
  • In 2007 in Kortrijk, Leuven, Ninove and Kontich.
  • In 2008 in Kontich.
  • In 2009 in Aalst, Breendonk and Gent.
  • In 2010 in Gent, De Panne and Locht.

Crew changes

Another type of frequently returning topic are the ones about new or quitting crew members.
Usually these are filled with "congratz" and "good luck" messages, or "thanks for the good work" messages in the other case.
Also jokes of the current crew are some kind of tradition.. although the one with the coffee is getting boring.

Seasonal topics

Each season the crew opens some topics:

  • Federation Ads, to advertise your federation.
  • Friendly Cup Ads, to advertise your Friendly Cup.

Although the Friendly Cup topic usually disappears into the archive before the end of the season...

Weekly topics

Training topic

Every week on Thursday evening the training topic is started, this is a topic about the weekly training.
Here you can comment your training, cheer about skill improvements or complain about the Form Monkey.

Youthpull topic

Here you can post your freshly promoted youth player.
There are 2 topics:

  • One for players with excellent or solid skills.
  • And one for players with passable or inadequate skills.

National Teams

Nearly weekly there are topics about the matches of the Belgian national team.
Opened by the NT or U-20 coach, or someone else if they aren't around.
The most activity is seen when a World Cup is going on, and Belgium is still in it off course.
Sometimes these topics even reach the 1000 post, for example when Belgium played the semifinal in U-20 World Cup XII or at the time of the "scroll wheel incident".


The weekly topic about the Belgium Cup. The topic is opened by whoever thinks about it the first. Although the "Road To The Cup Final" has been introduced by kevin_.

Other Big Topics

The Idea's topic

Here everyone can make his/her brilliant idea to improve Hattrick public.
Many Idea's have come and gone, frequently the same idea's (like hiring players, left/right footed players, etc.) but every once in a while a good idea is implemented.
However the 14th edition of this topic disappeared into the archive because a lack of idea's...
Currently there is no idea topic anymore, and no one seems to miss it.

Spelling errors topic

Here everyone can report mistakes in the Flemish translation of Hattrick to the LA's.
These are surprisingly common, so several of these topics reached 1000 messages.

Achievement topic

A topic about achievements with a top-50 managed by ZF-Nightwish.

BUC topic

The topic about the Belgian Unofficial Championship currently managed by eljodedor.
Before him White_Stripe managed the BUC topic, which was originally started by cyberkieken.

Youth topics

The U17 scouting project started by elleke.

And a series of treads about the youth academy.

Other frequent topics

Hattrick Masters

Topics about the Hattrick Masters like those made by Killda.

MyHT announcements

Most MyHT announcements get their own topic on the forum where people can give comments about the new things.

Famous Forum people

- -Archie- apensmoel
- BC-optimax BC-Ultra
- Captain-Moonsje GM-CableGuy
- JanMat Kaynec
- MOD-Ambi1 nonkelvladimir
- Patrickske PolCaf-geronimo7b2
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