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Personal Information
Full name Fiz Carballa
Country Spain
Role Assisstent Coach
Position Forward
Best Prestation HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStarGreyHalf.png
Club Information
Current club Domus Pulchri Ludi/Tunisia Red Star Tunis
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
44 - 45 Chile Los choroyes _0_(0)
45 - 46 Italy AbbaMedica _7_(1)
46 - 56 Italy OffaCity _110_(62)
56 - 63 Spain F.C.Mendeleiev _99_(43)
64 - Domus Pulchri Ludi/Tunisia Red Star Tunis _29_(16)
Global Seasons Team Games
65 - Domus Pulchri Ludi/Tunisia Red Star Tunis _63_

Fiz Carballa (Barcelona,  España) is a former Spanish football player and coach, who lasts played as an attacker for Red Star Tunis. He was also the coach of the team.


Early career

Carballa was discovered by the youth division of Spanish football team SARAS13. After becoming 17 years old, he immediately transferred to Los choroyes in Antofagasta, Chile, where he played for about half a season. He never came in action in official games, but trained in friendly games. He then transferred to Abbamedica in Rome, Italy, where he would play a few official games, and score his first competition goal.

Career at OffaCity

In season 46, Carballa transferred to Milanese side OffaCity, and for the first time, he became a regular first team player. He would stay for almost 10 complete seasons at this team, play 110 matches, and score 62 goals. One of his most remarkable game was a competition game against SaBoNeReaL, in which he managed to score 4 times. The arrival of new, younger and stronger attackers like first Norbert Počiatok and later Damien Dellaert, Giovanni Stipa and Aimo Delfaccio meant that Carballa started to play less during Season 55, and he returned to Spain in early season 56. In his beforelast game, a cup game against GEDEONS F.T., Carballa scored no less then five goals, attracting attention to him from his future team F.C.Mendeleiev.

Career at F.C.Mendeleiev

Carballa was happy to return to his home city Barcelona to raise his family there. He played as a regular first-team player at F.C.Mendeleiev. He often contributed a lot in the attacks. During Season 63, Carballa started to play less games, and when at the end of that season F.C.Mendeleiev was relegated back to fifth division, he was transferred away to Red Star Tunis.

Career at Red Star Tunis

When Carballa first learned there was no more place from him at F.C.Mendeleiev, he was quite dissapointed. He however quickly turned his misery around, and started to look for teams where he could be a good addition for the attack, and where he would also have a perspective as a coach later on. Newly founded Red Star Tunis in the new Hattrick International competition gave him this opportunity: he would advise team coach Mouhanned Fahem as player/assistent coach, together with Hamdi Çare. Both players were also foreseen to become the team's coaches in a later stage, as Fahem's contract was only for 1 season.

Carballa became topscorer in Season 64, scoring 9 goals in division VI.266. At the start of Season 65, he became coach, a position he held for 3 seasons.

Seasons Overview at Red Star Tunis

This tabel gives an overview of the matches Fiz Carballa played through the seasons.

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
64 VI.266 13 9 5 4 18 13
65 VI.266 3 1 3 2 6 3
66 VI.266 2 0 2 0 4 0
66 VI.266 1 0 0 0 1 0
Total 19 10 10 6 29 16

Personal Life

Fiz Carballa lives in Tunis, Tunisia. He is married and has four daughters.

Red Star Tunis
Seasons: 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69 - 70 - 71 - 72 -...
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