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Hattrick Ideas are suggestion made by different managers to the forum in order to discuss their feasibility and the opportunity to officially propose them to the consideration of the HT-team.

A forum area dedicated to ideas is essentially used for:

  • collect possible improvements to the game (mainly to interface and the engine),
  • to keep managers from starting 'let's implement this' type of threads in the Global conference every time a new manager has the same bright idea that someone else submitted a week or a year before.

Every user is free to add his/her own ideas to the list and discuss them in the discussion page. It is important to realize that small and/or cosmetic changes are much easier to implement while large changes that would require revamping major parts of the game would almost 100% likely fail to be approved. The reason for this is that the game is supposed to evolve at a low pace, otherwise many managers would get frustrated at the game constantly changing and quit.

Approved ideas

Normally a member of a HT-staff publicly (i.e. in the Global or some other Hattrick forum) explains that something cannot/would not be done (see Rejected ideas below), but sometimes a HT-team member would announce that something could be done in the (hopefully nearest) future. Following there are some examples of officially approved ideas.

Implemented idea's:

  • In the The Club event list, reports about players and coach pop/drop on Mondays and on training days.
  • Moderation rights for federation owners in their forums as well as the right to determine how long they want to ban someone from the fed.
  • Links to players, matches, forum messages and external links in the HT mail system.
  • Clickable links on players in the lineups in a match report.
  • Champions League: Throughout the early days of game's history there have been numerous proposals requesting the developers to create an "uber-league"[1]; albeit they have all been rejected for various reasons, the HTs created the Hattrick Masters to silence the numerous requests once and for all.
  • Change The Youth System with the introduction of a Youth Academy.
  • Match orders page: modify displayed text of so the page could show up on one screen without having to scroll horizontally and vertically.
  • Player list: list on the right could have the player number prepended to the names (but not as a part of the link).
  • League standings: win-draw-loss columns (possibly in a separate list type like "Old League tables").
  • High set pieces skill for goalkeepers could increase the chance of saving a penalty, also increasing popularity of set pieces training.
  • Own goals.

Rejected ideas

Following is the list of most popular ideas that have been suggested many times by Hattrick managers to the HT-team, but for various reasons have been deemed impossible or unlikely to be implemented.

They are mainly Match engine suggestions that are very difficult to be implemented due to a variety of reasons.

Officially rejected idea's:

  • There was a lot of discussion on how to change the size of the divisions and have more than 8 teams per series, but, ultimately, the increase in the number of teams in each series was ruled out; all in all, the benefits of such a change (it would be easier to advance quicker for really cunning new managers to start in a broader division) are outweighed by the drawbacks (that would imply a lot of matches per season, more competition for advancement and less time for the best managers to build up their teams in optimal conditions, i.e. with little competition).
  • A real Champions League: The Hattrick Team have declared that they have no intention of implementing a Champions League in the game for the foreseeable future, but, though Hattrick Masters and Hattrick International are the accepted solution to this idea, a few users continue to seek a true league for champions, instead of just a cup or a pay-per-play international league.
  • Make it possible to change team names abbreviation for normal costs while NOT changing the actual team name and not only during off season (as the new teams already do before starting).
  • Set your own ticket prices and merchandising.
  • The ability for Hattrick Supporters to select either the main or reserve kit when playing away from home (the current in-built method just compares the shirt fill colours, which aren't necessarily the most dominant colours after patterns have been added).
  • Full Integration of the Foxtrick plugin with many available interface improvements (above all, player names colored in their respective team colors on the live match).
  • Notebook: "delete my notes" link moved to a spot far away from the Save button.
  • Chance of (some) positive special events (and also negative events but with a negated scale) could be modified by player form in a non-linear manner (for example, measuring to passable form as 100%, excellent form could enhance the chances to 120%, while poor form could decrease to 60%.
  • Goalkeepers treated like normal players; for example:
    • should also get cards (if keeper gets sent off, the weakest striker on the field is subbed out for the reserve keeper).
    • Specialties:
the unpredictable saves some "extremly hard to catch" goals, but with blackouts letting the ball pass behind the goal line.
the quick runs out and save an almost certain goal, but lobbed more often.
the powerful saves some more corner kicks.


^  Prior to the implementation of the Hattrick Masters, a Hattrick user Calvert, a lower level manager in the United States, decided to run a simulated Champions League based on a proposal he had submitted in October 2004. His simulation however did not involve playing any 'real' matches because the Hattrick match engine was unavailable for use by outside parties. Instead, the matches were simulated using the previous week's league match with percentages for goals calculated using the HT Ratings match predictor.