New features and changes

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Hattrick.png This is an official Hattrick Editorial
originally published 2006-08-10 11:00:00 by HT-Jonas

It is time for some new features and changes to the Hattrick world! Read on for more details.

Let's start with some more details about the changes announced earlier during this season. - It has been virtually impossible to get confidence above wonderful. We have now increased this limit to make confidence management a more important factor when taking care of your team. Remember, too much confidence increases the risk of "underestimating" worse teams. - When players have aged, they have lost skills in large amounts but not very often. From now on, they will lose small amounts more frequently. This makes the aging process smoother. On average, a player will lose as much skill over time after the change as before. - Stamina will drop over the season. The drop rate will be about 1-2 steps each season.

The national teams will get a bunch of graphical features: guestbook, prize shelves, history of former coaches and banners. For national coaches, we've added XML interfaces enabling CHPPs to develop various applications. National Coaches will also be able to send newsletters to the owners of the national players in the squad and also see a training report for the squad. Finally, we have also enabled National Teams to have their own Clubhouses! The Clubhouse is managed by the current National Coach. You are not required to have Hattrick Supporter for any of these features, they are for everyone.

For those of you maniacs who think that the current SMS Live report is a little bit thin on details, we have added a new option: Platinum Match Tracking. Besides everything that the Gold Match Tracking option has, you will get all the missed chances as well.

The Hattrick Masters is also getting a makeover. We have changed the schedule from the former one-week competition to a four-week competition. Matches will be played on Mondays and Thursdays, 20:00 HT-time. The player (and his owner) winning the top scorer competition will also recieve a Golden Boot and eternal glory!

The change of the Hattrick Masters schedule also means that the cup will no longer be postponed one week, so we will be back on a straight schedule. This means that the largest cups will end in week 15 once again.

Finally, we are adding the option of searching for Leadership on the transfer list. This should make it easier finding your dream coach!