Chelsea Addict

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Tunisia Chelsea Addict (1901514)
managed by Far3ess
Full Name Chelsea Addict
Nickname Chelsea
Founded 2010-01-17
Location Ariana, Tounes
Arena Stamford Bridge
Coach Ryszard Lamp Ht star.png
League Division Nationale
updated on: 2020-09-14 11:47
Team kits
Stamford Bridge (1898076)
Stamford Bridge
Last Rebuild 28-09-2018
Terraces 40 625
Basic 16 250
Roof 6 500
VIP 1 625
Capacity 65000



Season 32


Season 32

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Season 31
Season 1
Season 1

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Season 28
Season 1

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Season 25

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Season 21



Chelsea Addict is a hattrick club founded by Far3ess. This historical moment happened on January 17, 2010. Team is located in Ariana, Tounes. Future stars are coming from Chelsea Addict youth club Blues Babies.

Fan Club

Team's fan club is called Les Avatars. Currently there are 2465 members.

Current squad

Nat. Player Goals Hattricks NT U20
Spain Óscar Urtiaga Ht star.png 0 0 0 0
United Arab Emirates Fouad Humaid Ht star.png 28 0 0 0
Poland Paweł Wyrwich Ht star.png 27 1 0 0
Italy Giuseppe Taglierini Ht star.png 23 5 0 0
France Jean-Louis Raybaud Ht star.png 63 1 0 0
Czech Republic Jiří Svítil Ht star.png 28 1 0 0
Italy Francesco Mezzalira Ht star.png 77 6 0 21
Poland Nunzio Picchio Ht star.png 34 0 0 0
Romania Georgică Gheţi Ht star.png 27 0 0 0
Italy Sandro Spinozzi Ht star.png 81 5 0 0
Bahrain Amjad Al-shamlan Ht star.png 36 0 0 0
Switzerland Livio Jaggy Ht star.png 5 1 0 0
Denmark Joachim Agger Ht star.png 53 1 0 0
Denmark Ib Kofoed Ht star.png 0 0 0 0
Iraq Fayad Uday Ht star.png 60 0 0 0

Raised in this team

Player Goals Hattricks NT U20 Owner
Abdelhak Ben Nticha Ht star.png 36 0 0 0 Belgium United Gunners
Abdelkabir Ait-Lachgar Ht star.png 14 0 0 0 Finland Team Ile
Ali Kochtan Ht star.png 1 0 0 0 Finland DeathMakers
Amor Haddad Ht star.png 26 5 0 0 Germany FV Blankenese
Aous Bahri Ht star.png 12 0 0 0 Germany SV Lebenslang Grün Weiß
Chafik Benzarti Ht star.png 34 0 0 0 Italy Pucciarello F.C.
Ezzedine Bachtobji Ht star.png 13 0 0 0 Ukraine Schrödinger's Cats Myrivka
Faouzi Guessmi Ht star.png 89 7 0 0 Poland RED BAŁUTY"WIDZEW"
Farhat Mestiri Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Mexico Topia FC
Fayez Garbouj Ht star.png 15 0 0 0 Italy Atlètico Sabata
Fikri Ressaissi Ht star.png 1 0 0 0 Germany FC Harkorten-Haspe
Ghaith Jallouz Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Romania Barcelona_CF
Gilles Guénard Ht star.png 1 0 0 0 Tunisia Tounes Northern Thunder
Hachmi Dardouri Ht star.png 6 0 0 0 Tunisia Club Olympique Kram
Hassanine Bach Hamba Ht star.png 33 2 0 0 Venezuela Las Mujeres al Poder
Hassen Bellaïd Ht star.png 62 2 0 0 Chile La Furia FC
Hatem Dabbebi Ht star.png 3 0 0 3 Finland Fc Anjovis
Hichem Gritli Ht star.png 7 1 0 0 Italy tom 80 86
Ibrahim Bayrem Ht star.png 33 0 0 0 Mozambique Dynamos Harare
Jihed Hrabi Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Netherlands SV Weezebeek
Kamel Sassi Ht star.png 58 4 7 1 Italy surfizio
Khaled Jenayah Ht star.png 9 0 0 0 Norway whiskeys
Laarbi Kochtan Ht star.png 16 0 0 0 Spain bar capricho
Labib Lahzami Ht star.png 1 0 0 0 Belgium Team BLO
Mahmoud Laghnej Ht star.png 6 0 0 0 Italy DAITARN @
Mohamed Noômen Antar Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Netherlands garbage?
Mustapha Jegham Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Austria Fc Wacker Schmidham
Rochdi Bouebdelli Ht star.png 36 4 0 0 Belgium FC PATEKE
Sameh Tlili Ht star.png 20 2 0 0 Romania champions team
Taher Khenissi Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Italy Mandrovia Utd
Taha Gahbich Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Denmark primus boys
Taoufik Akid Ht star.png 5 0 0 2 Czech Republic Blázniví zajíci
Taysir Turki Ht star.png 22 1 0 0 Germany FC Verda Stelo
Wahib Elloumi Ht star.png 0 0 0 0 Tunisia klafess
Wajih Taieb Ht star.png 2 0 0 0 Tunisia Esperance warriors

Transfer stats

Total Purchases: 206 733 338 €
Total Sales: 141 152 980 €
Difference: -65 580 358 €
Average (bought): 1 566 161 €
Average (sold): 850 319 €
Average (bought + sold): -220 068 €
Players bought: 132
Players sold: 166
Number of transfers: 298

Hall of Fame

Mahdi Merdassi Ht star.png
First day with club 2010-01-17
Current occupation Secretary
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 34 in February 14, 2011.
Marco Miceli Ht star.png
First day with club 2010-08-19
Current occupation Restaurant Owner
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 40 in June 5, 2013.
Luís Bidarra Ht star.png
First day with club 2010-02-16
Current occupation Referee
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 34 in January 29, 2011.
Dumitru Zaharia Ht star.png
First day with club 2011-01-28
Current occupation Sports Journalist
Was inducted in the Hall of Fame at age 36 in January 15, 2013.


Managers Supporting Team

User Team League
Algeria Z3RMA Magnifier.png Nedroma FC Magnifier.png IV.7
Turkey KS-Abdullah Magnifier.png Club Nicomedia Magnifier.png VI.539
Romania Inginerradu Magnifier.png RAPID Comanesti Magnifier.png VI.859
Uruguay Mister-Doc Magnifier.png C.A Vikingos Magnifier.png V.41
Turkey BlackList-X Magnifier.png ProjectX Magnifier.png VII.137
Brazil Bonamigo Magnifier.png Labamba Akidãoânus Magnifier.png VI.974
Romania zorksan Magnifier.png Mayan Warrior Magnifier.png III.15
Iran Forvitem Magnifier.png Esteghlal Qazvin Magnifier.png IV.32
Germany Mirco85 Magnifier.png Hahnenknooper Moorleichen Magnifier.png VII.304
Portugal Ahriman_ Magnifier.png The Thundering Herd Magnifier.png VI.158
France Zeffi0 Magnifier.png U.S Camon Magnifier.png VI.690
Germany Merschi Magnifier.png FC Phoenix WD Magnifier.png VIII.1823
Netherlands DuMonde Magnifier.png The Silmarillia Magnifier.png IV.3
France schlibidish Magnifier.png Les disciples du Gruik Magnifier.png III.16
Portugal VICI0US Magnifier.png VICI0US Magnifier.png VII.937
Germany EddyUrknall Magnifier.png Königsblau 04 Magnifier.png V.151
USA Sushi_Man Magnifier.png RawTuna Magnifier.png V.90
Belgium Kanarieboy Magnifier.png K.Sint-Truiden Magnifier.png V.118
Turkey CptMagaraAdami Magnifier.png AviationClub Magnifier.png VI.252
Brazil Joacir Magnifier.png Prata F. C Magnifier.png IV.23
Turkey smn_clk Magnifier.png Mumansspor Magnifier.png VI.559
Iran Alessa1985 Magnifier.png Giuseppe Furino Magnifier.png VI.253
Mexico El-Pipila Magnifier.png HT-Legends Magnifier.png IV.55
Switzerland stupidcat Magnifier.png FC United Dreams Magnifier.png VI.815
Italy MassimoTorri-FIR Magnifier.png A.C. BONATE SOTTO Magnifier.png V.135
Czech Republic JoeSO Magnifier.png AC Malá Vesnička Magnifier.png VI.840
Germany pikke06 Magnifier.png BV Pikke Magnifier.png VI.415
Italy ScarfaceFDS Magnifier.png Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. Magnifier.png IV.62
France zeref_ Magnifier.png J.S.Quevauvillers Magnifier.png V.175
Iran Linorth Magnifier.png 021 FC Magnifier.png V.205
Belgium Fresonovitch Magnifier.png micfr Magnifier.png V.187
Norway illusion Magnifier.png Use Your Illusion Magnifier.png V.123
Germany inpac Magnifier.png SV DEATHFIELD 1928 Magnifier.png VII.305
Kazakhstan MU-Maximus Magnifier.png FC Spectre Magnifier.png II.1
Denmark FCC-2004 Magnifier.png FC CHRISTIANSEN Magnifier.png V.186
France HaNs_VoN_Kruppt Magnifier.png FC Wolf Von Kruppt Magnifier.png V.112
Spain CAT-ssalvador Magnifier.png ¿contra quien jugamos? Magnifier.png VII.586
Belgium gauchez Magnifier.png The Show Offs Magnifier.png V.139
Switzerland Speedy-Gonzales1 Magnifier.png Fc Power-Maus Magnifier.png VI.160
Romania MirceaGCR Magnifier.png RAPİD Magnifier.png V.147
Russia MOD-Holms Magnifier.png FC Badfight Magnifier.png IV.55
Ukraine _Jack_ Magnifier.png FC Bastiliya Magnifier.png II.3
Germany jbalu Magnifier.png Alpenstürmer Magnifier.png VI.578
Germany Don_Casi Magnifier.png Die wilden Stiere Magnifier.png VI.913
Germany Mod-Berti_blaeser Magnifier.png Torpedo Eisen Magnifier.png VI.258
Spain Munon Magnifier.png Muñon Ballans Magnifier.png VI.713
Belgium Schuurspons Magnifier.png FC Jeuken en Krabben Magnifier.png VI.322
Chile MOD-KFTRO Magnifier.png cafeteros unidos Magnifier.png V.164
Netherlands Miegoedoe Magnifier.png FC Fierce Magnifier.png IV.56
Germany LotharEmmerich Magnifier.png BVB Glasgow 1966 Magnifier.png VII.981

Supported Teams

User Team League
Tunisia elyes-the-manager Magnifier.png Salambo football club Magnifier.png III.8
France Iarl_ Magnifier.png W.S.D. Magnifier.png VI.296
Cameroon roideslions Magnifier.png Lions de Yaoundé Magnifier.png II.1
Denmark Bolbronxxx Magnifier.png 46664 MADIBA 46664 Magnifier.png VI.916
France OMCA-LDD Magnifier.png FC Noumanta Magnifier.png VI.728
Senegal Naoh85 Magnifier.png The Golden Crescent Magnifier.png Division 1
France thOMas77 Magnifier.png F.C.Mythique Olympique Magnifier.png VI.249
France Cheikh_Jah Magnifier.png Jah's 16ers Magnifier.png VI.567
Italy atibumbalati Magnifier.png Atibumbalati Fc Magnifier.png VII.744
Tunisia A_B_C Magnifier.png Brima Magnifier.png III.1
Italy flax1977 Magnifier.png brikallariscossa Magnifier.png V.117
Tunisia Abdoo_ Magnifier.png C.S.Tunis Magnifier.png III.15
France Didda Magnifier.png AS Blood & Gold Magnifier.png V.148
Turkey _HSYN_ Magnifier.png KaRaMürsHELL CiTy Magnifier.png VI.123
Romania _RUC_ Magnifier.png RUC 69 Magnifier.png V.109
Belgium FDL1899 Magnifier.png SB Milan Magnifier.png VII.580
Germany Dinschel Magnifier.png Leipzig Dumbos Magnifier.png IV.44
Norway Gamle-Erik Magnifier.png Sandefjord Whalers Magnifier.png V.94
France Sassoon Magnifier.png Aliga d'Oc Magnifier.png Championnat
France --COCO-- Magnifier.png R.C.L. Magnifier.png V.95
Poland SP3CtRUM Magnifier.png Spec Utd Magnifier.png V.95
Spain Archiextremo Magnifier.png F.C.BARCELONA.B Magnifier.png IV.32
Bosnia & Herzegovina noBra Magnifier.png Termiti Magnifier.png V.3
Italy KurtzAk47 Magnifier.png Zocco United Magnifier.png VII.47
Denmark HHS_MaxSchreck_Al Khalifa Magnifier.png Viking Særløse Magnifier.png IV.35
Portugal ElfoLeo Magnifier.png Olivais 87 SAD Magnifier.png II.4
Turkey YLMZ-VRL Magnifier.png YILMAZ HOCA STAYLA Magnifier.png III.7
England Rowenna Magnifier.png Marmalade Magnifier.png V.83
Portugal Demonio Magnifier.png Bocas d'uva Magnifier.png V.249
Germany Wooloomooloo Magnifier.png Wamuru Girafes Magnifier.png VII.627
Germany Isopren Magnifier.png Philadelphia Union Magnifier.png VIII.1813
Chile -HTCH-STARK Magnifier.png Wargos de Invernalia Magnifier.png V.195
Netherlands Mike666 Magnifier.png Mike's 666's Magnifier.png VI.280
Romania bogadam Magnifier.png FC Moldova Bacau Magnifier.png III.15
Russia t_anderton Magnifier.png Organum Magnifier.png V.16
England Matt- Magnifier.png Vince Hilaire's Afro Magnifier.png IV.44
Italy Lesaz Magnifier.png Atletico Premariacco Magnifier.png IV.23
Thailand Basler-Bebbi Magnifier.png FC Basel World Team Magnifier.png III.11
Netherlands FoC-Alexander75 Magnifier.png F.C. Scheveningen Magnifier.png VI.79
Belgium -Tipsy- Magnifier.png Borussia 3D Magnifier.png VII.230
Germany DDriver Magnifier.png Blutgrätsche 09 Magnifier.png VI.1019
Portugal Quase Magnifier.png DragõesFEP Magnifier.png VI.60
Chile Lrom_ero Magnifier.png Chantaster United Magnifier.png V.215
Bosnia & Herzegovina gomago Magnifier.png FK Zadruga Magnifier.png V.168
Spain Kerrigan Magnifier.png Galactic Wars Magnifier.png VII.133
Switzerland loko36 Magnifier.png Etoile Rouge Wettingen Magnifier.png V.26
Switzerland -gunner- Magnifier.png FC Zeughaus Saxeten Magnifier.png VI.785
France kingolos Magnifier.png alivert Magnifier.png VI.679
Spain goldan Magnifier.png Futbolomas Magnifier.png V.172
Spain balbo13 Magnifier.png at tgredichi Magnifier.png V.183

Flag Collection


Arena Stamford Bridge has hosted teams from 59 of 128 countries.

Iraq Kuwait Morocco Jordan Algeria Andorra Angola Azerbaijan Bahrain Belgium Brunei Cape Verde Costa Rica Montenegro Qatar Germany Maldives Ecuador England Spain France Ghana Greece Honduras India Indonesia Italy Jamaica Kampuchea Kazakhstan Kenya Luxembourg Liechtenstein Lithuania Lebanon North Macedonia Mexico Egypt Mozambique Netherlands Norway Northern Ireland Oceania Oman Austria Pakistan Palestine Panama Poland Dominican Republic Romania Switzerland Senegal South Africa Suriname Syria Trinidad & Tobago Uganda United Arab Emirates


Chelsea Addict has visited 67 of 128 countries.

Kuwait Morocco Jordan Andorra Angola Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belgium Brunei Cape Verde Cameroon Czech Republic Chile Montenegro Cuba Wales Cyprus Denmark Qatar Germany Maldives France Ghana South Korea Honduras Croatia India Indonesia Iceland Italy Kampuchea Kazakhstan Kenya Luxembourg Liechtenstein Lebanon Egypt Moldova Netherlands Nicaragua Nigeria Japan Norway Northern Ireland Oman Austria Pakistan Palestine Panama Poland Portugal Dominican Republic Switzerland Scotland Senegal Singapore South Africa Finland Sweden Tanzania Tunisia Trinidad & Tobago Uganda United Arab Emirates USA

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