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The correct title of this page is georgeshook. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

georgeshook is a former long-term GameMaster for the USA, Global and the national teams. He also owns the Season 12 Cup Champion Cyclones, the first ever Non-bot cup champion in the USA. As the manager of the USA National Team during World Cup I and World Cup II, he led the team to the semifinals twice, earning two bronze medals.

The Season 26 U-20 Election

George became infamous in the USA U-20 election after Global Season 26 for using three canned phrases to answer questions in his election thread. The three phrases were:

  • I'll buy that.
  • Whose baby is that?
  • What's your angle?

In a last ditch effort to regain votes from an annoyed public toward the end of the campaign, he employed former National Team manager and long-time friend Ardent Enthusiast to answer questions "as George would." The effort proved fruitless, however, as George finished second with 136 votes to Azeroth's 218.
George's Classic Election Thread: (3941468.1)

United States Senior National Team
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World Cups
World Cup I (georgeshook): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 2 -> Semi-finals
World Cup II (georgeshook): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 2 -> Semi-finals
bobhemprules resigned prior to World Cup III
World Cup III (Slashers): Q Direct -> II Group 4 -> III Group 2
World Cup IV (Slashers): Q Direct -> II Group 4 -> III Group 2
World Cup V (OnionPatch): Q Group 10 -> II Group 8 -> III Group 4
World Cup VI (ArdentEnthusiast): Q Group 12 -> II Group 3
World Cup VII (Lathrop): Q Group 5 -> II Group 6 -> III Group 1 -> IV Group 1
World Cup VIII (Lathrop): Q Group 10 -> II Group 1 -> III Group 2
World Cup IX (ThomasRongen): Q Group 16 -> II Group 6
rpeters removed from office prior to World Cup X
World Cup X (GM-kevinapps): Q Group 13
World Cup XI (Cataclysmia): Q Group 3 -> II Group 1 -> III Group 1
World Cup XII (Polar): Q Group 9
World Cup XIII (GM-emmpee): Q Group 16
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