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GM-kevinapps is an American user. He's the owner of Harrisburg Hammers, a long-time resident of IV.63, and the current former current owner of former Uber-Winger and current nursing home occupant Bill Spangler. He also lost many NT elections. kevinapps was named GM during June 2007.


Some days after the elections, GM-kevinapps was named coach of the USA National Team, despite having lost yet another election. His reign is one of the more controversial as the US National Team for the first time failed to qualify. He is also criticized for lack of communication after the loss in qualification and for not saving important US players.

United States Senior National Team
Election I | Election II | Election III | Election IV | Election V | Election VI | Election VII | Election VIII | Election IX | Election X | Election XI | Election XII | Election XIII
World Cups
World Cup I (georgeshook): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 2 -> Semi-finals
World Cup II (georgeshook): Q Direct -> II Group 3 -> III Group 2 -> Semi-finals
bobhemprules resigned prior to World Cup III
World Cup III (Slashers): Q Direct -> II Group 4 -> III Group 2
World Cup IV (Slashers): Q Direct -> II Group 4 -> III Group 2
World Cup V (OnionPatch): Q Group 10 -> II Group 8 -> III Group 4
World Cup VI (ArdentEnthusiast): Q Group 12 -> II Group 3
World Cup VII (Lathrop): Q Group 5 -> II Group 6 -> III Group 1 -> IV Group 1
World Cup VIII (Lathrop): Q Group 10 -> II Group 1 -> III Group 2
World Cup IX (ThomasRongen): Q Group 16 -> II Group 6
rpeters removed from office prior to World Cup X
World Cup X (GM-kevinapps): Q Group 13
World Cup XI (Cataclysmia): Q Group 3 -> II Group 1 -> III Group 1
World Cup XII (Polar): Q Group 9
World Cup XIII (GM-emmpee): Q Group 16
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