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Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track    


MatchID 632625866
Event Friendly
Season 69
Date 7 November 2018
Time 13:30
Home team 55.5 stars: 43 HTStar.png + 12.5 HTStarGrey.png
Away team 31.5 stars: 21 HTStar.png + 10.5 HTStarGrey.png
Venue The Railroads, Vlaams-Brabant
Attendance 3.559
Weather Weather sunny.png
Referee Norbert Dombi (Hungary)
Assistant referees Xavi Figuerola (Spain)
Borys Pilch (Poland)

On 7 November 2018, Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track and fortunå played a friendly in week 15 of season 69. Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track went into the match as Unofficial Clubteams World Champions and held on to the title with a comfortable 10-1 victory, with both Jorge Guillermo Flores and Daniel Jahnick scoring a hat-trick in the process.

Match report

A brilliantly sunny day had enticed a crowd of 3559 to The Railroads. Norbert Dombi was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Xavi Figuerola and Borys Pilch.

It was a sunny day and the technical players could roll the ball around with ease. Those that had to chase after the ball found the weather less appealing, it especially stymied the game of Powerful and Quick players.

The following players had been chosen by Back-on-Track: Ćupina - Dragiev, Bergamaschi - Garardi, Kurtov, Guðjónsson, Van Lede, Rebelo - Flores, Jahnick, Razlog. fortunå's starters: Grassmann - Gögler, Rivadavia, Meyer-Schütze, Mill, Duprat - Ludovico, Graf von der Lippe-Biesterfeld - Fernando, Glashütte, Cunin.

Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track entered the field in a 2-5-3 formation. The visitors, fortunå, chose to start the game with a 5-2-3 lineup.

First half

Back-on-Track caught their opponents out with a clever counterattack down the right wing 5 minutes into the match. Jorge Guillermo Flores was able to finish off the move - 1 - 0. Jorge Guillermo Flores increased the lead for Back-on-Track to 2 - 0, getting a head onto a hooked ball from the right. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but he's claiming it! 15 minutes in, Back-on-Track's Eduardo Garardi received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. Martin Meyer-Schütze was unable to continue, following a slight injury to his right knee after 15 minutes. Belmiro Rosa tried to hide a smile as he entered the field. He had not expected to get a chance this day. Back-on-Track solidified their lead at the 34 minute mark, as Ove Guðjónsson dribbled the ball through the opposing central defence and scored to make it 3 - 0. With 35 minutes played, Back-on-Track put themselves up 4 - 0 when the visiting defenders lost the ball to Ove Guðjónsson, who came up from the left and proceeded to coolly round the keeper and knock the ball home. A magnificent combination in the middle resulted in Back-on-Track's Daniel Jahnick increasing the lead to 5 - 0. It was 5 - 0 at the break. Back-on-Track claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 69 percent.

Second half

A speedy charge from the left side of the field increased the lead of Back-on-Track to 6 - 0 as Daniel Jahnick finished it off competently, firing in from an acute angle. 68 minutes into the game, fortunå had difficulty finding their positions and their organisation dropped to solid (7). Back-on-Track managed to extend their lead to 7 - 0 when Daniel Jahnick cut in neatly from the left side and struck a fine shot past the away team's goalkeeper. This third goal completed a hattrick for Daniel Jahnick. Despite hurting his left foot at the 71 minute mark, Emil Günther Mill decided to keep playing. Things were deteriorating for the away team as Back-on-Track scored another to make it 8 - 0 after a left side attack resulted in a goal for Jorge Guillermo Flores after 77 minutes. That made three goals for Jorge Guillermo Flores and he was marked down for the hat trick. The head of Théo Cunin connected with a corner kick after 81 minutes, and the ball ended up with Andy Fernando of fortunå who blasted the ball into the net, making the score 8 - 1. Back-on-Track put themselves up 9 - 1 when Giulio Bergamaschi broke through on the right, leaving the entire defence trailing in his wake. Cheers filled the stadium as Janick Van Lede broke through the visitors' central defence to put away the ball to increase the lead to 10 - 1 to Back-on-Track. Belmiro Rosa of fortunå was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle. The referee decided to let play continue for an additional 4 minutes beyond the regular 90 minutes.

Post match

The match ends 10 - 1. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Back-on-Track, with 71 percent of the ball. The most dominating Back-on-Track player was without a doubt Janick Van Lede. Ove Guðjónsson turned in a dismal performance, however. fortunå's best player was Sascha Glashütte. Belmiro Rosa on the other hand, had a terrible day.

Match details

7 November 2018
Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track Belgium 10 – 1 Switzerland fortunå The Railroads, Vlaams-Brabant
Attendance: 3.559
Flores  Goal  5', 6', 77'
Guðjónsson  Goal  34', 35'
Jahnick  Goal  36', 47', 69'
Bergamaschi  Goal  82'
Van Lede  Goal  86'
Report Fernando  Goal  81'

Lokomotiv veltem back-on-track kit home.png
GK 9 Bosnia & Herzegovina Šahin Ćupina
DF 24 Italy Giulio Bergamaschi
DF 16 Bulgaria Vasil Dragiev (c)
MF 31 Angola Herberto Rebelo
MF 20 Belgium Janick Van Lede
MF 34 Faroe Islands Ove Guðjónsson
MF 37 Germany Rudolf Kurtov
MF 29 Spain Eduardo Garardi Booked in the 15th minute 15'
FW 33 Croatia Vice Razlog
FW 32 Germany Daniel Jahnick
FW 26 Peru Jorge Guillermo Flores
GK 17 Jordan Dory Ballout
MF 18 Qatar Farid Al-Sadah
MF 21 Belgium Helmut Van Keymeulen
FW 28 Romania George-Daniel Paşcan
MF 38 Switzerland Kornelius Bilon
Belgium Albert-Pierre Dethier

Bosnia & Herzegovina Ćupina
  Bulgaria Dragiev
  Italy Bergamaschi
Spain Garardi
Germany Kurtov
Faroe Islands Guðjónsson
Belgium Van Lede
Angola Rebelo
Peru Flores
Germany Jahnick
Croatia Razlog

Switzerland Cunin
Germany Glashütte
Northern Ireland Fernando
  Switzerland Graf von der Lippe-Biesterfeld
  Behaviour up.png Ludovico
Behaviour up.png Duprat
Behaviour up.pngBrazil Mill
Behaviour up.pngPortugal Rosa
Switzerland Grassmann

Default kit small away.png
GK Switzerland Bertrand Grassmann (c)
DF Grégorie Duprat
DF Brazil Emil Günther Mill
DF Martin Meyer-Schütze Substituted off in the 15th minute 15'
DF Justo Rivadivia
DF Barthold Hartwig Gögler
MF Switzerland Lothar Graf von der Lippe-Biesterfeld
MF Urbano Ludovico
FW Switzerland Théo Cunin
FW Germany Sascha Glashütte
FW Northern Ireland Andy Fernando
DF Portugal Belmiro Rosa Booked in the 87th minute 87' Substituted on in the 15th minute 15'
Spain Jesús Arandia

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