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Play creatively
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Play creatively tactics increases the chance of a Special Event happening (either for you or the opponent)


PC increases the match engine decision to generate a goal special events up to 30% and another 15% if both teams use this tactic. Both negative and positive events will be more common in both teams.

It also increases weather special events, but to a very small extent.

Play Creatively is effective in

  1. The match engine decision to generate a special event instead of any other event: let's say for simplicity that the normal probability is 10% (random number for example), so this number will be higher if a team chose the PC as a tactic (much higher if both teams play creatively).
  2. The maximum number of special events: if one team uses PC, the maximum is increased by 1. If both teams use PC, the maximum is increased by 2.
  3. The match engine decision of which team will get the special event: the team that plays creatively has bigger chances to get it compared to the case without it.

You need to have the right lineup compared to your opponent to see improvements. If your opponent has a more specialized lineup, the effect can easily backfire due to points 1 and 2.

Tactical level

Experience and Passing are the important skills for tactical level.

This tactic was the last changed, with the addition of the tactical level and the correct formula has currently not been discovered yet.

Benefits and drawbacks

You have higher probability to score with your players with specialty, but to concede special event to your opponent too.

Besides, it is difficult to outfield a team focused on this tactic because

Defence ratings are reduced by 7.5%.

Also consider that players with specialty are more expensive.


It's good to be prepared for corner protection.

A team focusing on PC have a weaker defence, so it is a good idea to give away some of your defence (the opponent will score on SE anyway) to have a stronger attack.

You can also take advantage of the more SE in the match, so be sure to take the midfield and steal special events to your opponent, since one type of event usually happens once (and can be replicated only with a lower probability).

A good idea could be a Quick Defender because while the most common events are triggered by Quick offensive player, a Quick Defender stops them with 100% efficiency. Even one player is enough, just try to find out which side of the opponent the player will be on.


What does SE-optimised mean? Get the best combination of all possible positive SEs and avoiding negative SEs. The exact best combination is a matter for debate, but quick forwards and wingers, head midfielders, and experienced powerful defenders would be a good point to aim towards.

Goalkeeper doesn't count on PC level. Experience and Passing are the important skills, with the latter 4x times more than experience. Unpredictable players contribute twice to the tactic compared to the rest of the players.

Don't forget Set Pieces which can help your specialty players on:

  • Long shots: Any player with sufficient Set Pieces skill and sufficient scoring skill can score from a long shot;
  • Penalties: created from the run of play, may not be increased by playing creative);
  • Corners: good set pieces skill will create a better forward, head ability or good scoring will help finish).
    To score from a corner kick, the player responsible for taking your set pieces will need to have sufficient set pieces skill and the player receiving the ball from the corner will have to have sufficient scoring skill. The higher the number of head specialists in your team, and the lower the number of head specialists among your opponent's, the better your chances to score. Having no head specialists at all will make you very weak at defending against corners and very weak at scoring from your own corners.

Also pay attention to special events that do not depend on special abilities. These are mainly negative events that should be avoided:

  • Experience: experienced wingers and forwards can score using their experience. Inexperienced defenders and inner midfielders can give their opponents an extra chance.
  • Tiredness: Tired defenders can make mistakes. Unless the opposing attacker is also too tired, this may create a chance for the opponent. Defenders with low stamina are more likely to become tired.


As the occurrences of each special event are quite rare, it is inevitable that your team will be crowded with players with specialties. Of course, make sure you get the right specialty for the right position.

Anyway, diversity must be pursued, as there can only be one event per match and the frequency does not increase in direct proportion to the extra players. I.e., Do not fill the line of defense with one type of specialty or, if you already have two Quick wingers and one striker, you shouldn't choose Quick for the other striker, you better go with a Head or Unpredictable.

It is also worthwhile to "tailor" the abilities of the players to their specialty, as turning special events into goals usually depends on them, not on the ratings. For example, a winger normally does not need scoring, but the success of a quick winger depends on his ability in scoring.

  • Unpredictable players can use their Passing skill to create unexpected long passes, and their scoring skill to intercept the ball. Their unpredictability may also create unlikely scoring opportunities. If an unpredictable defender or inner midfielder has sufficiently low defending skill, they can also make an error with a pass that will give the opponent a chance to score.
  • Quick wingers and forwards can create chances by using a burst of speed. This can be countered by the opposing team using a defender who is also Quick, or has sufficient defending skill to keep up.
  • Technical wingers and forwards can create chances if their opposing defender or inner midfielder is a head specialist.
  • Wingers with sufficient skill can create chances that will have to be finished off by another winger or a forward. If that other player is a head specialist or has sufficient scoring skill, he will score.


At the cost of an overall weakening of your defence, it is only recommended for SE optimised teams, particularly those teams that play without any defence.


Any, but train your defenders may not be a good idea. Teams playing creatively will be less focused on defense.

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