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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the long shot tactics. For other uses of Long shot, see Long shot (disambiguation)

The long shot tactics became available to the public in the beginning of global season 38.

Hattrick Announcements[edit]

2009-01-13 Long shots tactic ready for use
The long shots tactics are now ready to test in friendlies. We're including it this week already as a last beta test on this new feature. When the new season starts in two weeks you can use this tactic in all your games. Long shots is an attacking option for teams who have problems scoring on regular side/middle attacks, but it could also be a tactical option for any team facing a really strong defense. How the long shots tactic works can be found in the manual.

There are currently no teams in Hattrick which can take full advantage of this new tactic right away (and deliberately so), even though teams with good set pieces skills are in a better starting position than other teams. With time, we hope to see managers build their teams with good shooters.

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