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Personal Information
Full name Gustavo Mena
Country  Nicaragua
Position Winger
Best Prestation HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalfGrey.png
Club Information
Current club Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
38-38 Nicaragua los guayaberos _4_(0)
38-38 Germany berliner bjk _0_(0)
38-38 Italy Red Star Sciumnac _2_(0)
38-39 Germany Ashanti Kotoko FC Kleve _0_(0)
39-42 France FC Bregille _22_(3)
42-45 Uruguay ppla187 f.c. _38_(10)
45-45 Hungary FECSO foci akadémia _5_(0)
45-46 Poland 1987 BKS Bydgoszcz _23_(1)
46-48 Spain Perro Verde f.c _29_(6)
48-50 Norway Lokomotiv Stavanger _22_(2)
50- Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels _25_(4)

Gustavo Mena (Las Peñitas,  Nicaragua) is a Nicaraguan football player who actualy plays for SVV Red Star Brussels. He is a Winger.

Early career

Mena started his carreer at the local team los guayaberos. He played a few games for the team, but it was soon clear there was no place for him on the long term. A transfer solution was searched.

First time in Europe

Mena was transferred to German side berliner bjk, but the team just acted as a transfer team to Italian team Red Star Sciumnac. In Italy, Mena's carreer looked to start off, but the team appeared to be in serious organisational distress, and Mena was again transferred to Germany to find a new destination. His new owners Ashanti Kotoko FC Kleve found him finally, and after a longer period then expected, a new home base with FC Bregille in France.

At FC Bregille Mena got a real torough training, permitting him of becoming a first-team player on the longer run. He met his wife Elisa whilst playing in France, she was working in Paris at that time. When Elisa returned to her native Uruguay, Mena asked a transfer to follow her.

Back in Latin-America, and second time in Europe

Mena played three seasons at ppla187 f.c., and was a first-team player. Again, it was his wife Elisa provoking another transfer: when she accepted a diplomatic post in Brussels, Mena followed her back to Europe. He played in Hungary and Poland, before eventually heading for Spain and Norway.

Career at SVV Red Star Brussels

Mena was recruited by RSB to ensure a strong back-up on the wing, and to become the trainer of the team in the near future.

Matches played at SVV Red Star Brussels

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
50 VI.673 6 1 0 0 6 1
51 VI.673 12 2 1 0 13 2
52 VI.673 3 1 3 0 6 1
Total 21 4 4 0 25 4

Personal Life

Gustavo Mena lives in Saint-Gilles, close to RSB's homebase Elsene. He is married to Uruguayan Elisa Guttierez, and the couple has three children.

Red Star Brussels
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