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Savoie U-20
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Team information
Country: Savoie
Nickname: "Les Allobroges"
Coach: Mavuba
Most caps: Gianmarco Massa (116)
Topscorer: Gerrie Hoomans (62)
Team History
First International:
120px-Flag of Savoie.gif Savoie U-20 6 - 0 Afghanistan U-20 120px-Flag of Afghanistan.png
(Chambéry, Savoie; 12 January 2005)
Largest win:
Banzaaiers 0 - 12 Savoie U-20
(Alkmaar, Nederland; 12 October 2005)
Worst defeat:
Savoie U-20 0 - 8 De Gouden Slof
(Chambéry, France; 2 April 2006)
U-20 World Cup
Appearances: 0 (First in -)
Best result: none.

The Savoie national under-20 football team is the national under-20 football team of Savoie. Savoie U-20 is not recognized by Hattrick and does not participate in any of their international tournaments. They were members of the NFA, which organizes matches for unrecognized national teams, and had accepted an invitation to take part in the inaugural NFA U-20 World Cup. In season 19, Savoie U-20 announced that it had hired coach Olliçio Mavuba as new manager. He left the team in season 21, after some political problems. After a disagreement with Hattrick, Savoie withdrew hisself. Savoie U-20 became a bot team at July 17, 2007.

World Cup record

Honours and records

Season 20.

Past Coaches

These users have coached this team:

  • Mavuba (2006-2007)
  • Fanfoue (interim)

Famous (past) players

  • Gábor Nyíl
  • Gianmarco Massa
  • Moustafa Seye
  • Nicanor Tintaya
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  • Savoie, French département.
  • NFA, mystic organisation located somewhere in the Hattrick world.

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