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Flag of Savoy
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Location of Savoy
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Zone: Latin Europe
Continent: Europe
Season: 29
Number of teams (approx): 3328
Level of series: 0
Number of regions: 2
Top series name:
National cup name: Coupe des Marmottes
National coach: Racletboy
U-20 Coach: Mavuba
Currency Euro
1US$ = 1€
Time zone Hattrick Time-0

Savoie (Franco-Provençal: Savouè) is one of the "départements" of France, a part of the Rhône-Alpes region, located in the Alps. Before it was a country that was annexed by France on March 24, 1860. In the Savoie there are two départements; Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Savoie has 373.258 inhabitants and his capital is Chambéry, with 55.786 inhabitants. Savoie is not affiliated into Hattrick, but recognized as one of the NFA Non-HT Countries.

World Cup record[edit]

Regional federations[edit]


  • Haute Savoie
  • Savoie

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