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Flag of Arpitania
Location of Arpitania
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Continent: Europe
Zone: Latin Europe
Country:  France
Latitude: 46°17' N
Longitude: 7°31' E
Time zone: -1
Not officialy recognised as area in HT.

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Arpitania (Arpitan: Arpetania; French: Arpitanie) is the cultural area in Europe where the Arpitan language is spoken. Under this name, Arpitania has never been a political entity, but it is generally seen as a linguistic and cultural concept.

League winners

Arpitan clubs who won the league's top tier division in France, Switzerland or Italy:

Team Name League Victories Season(s)
Rhône-Alpes Lyon (8917) France Championnat 2 11 & 13

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