Violette athletics club - Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track (632410502)

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Violette athletics club    

Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track

MatchID 632410502
Event Friendly
Season 69
Date 25 October 2018
Time 01:00
Home team 38 stars: 29 HTStar.png + 9 HTStarGrey.png
Away team 52.5 stars: 38 HTStar.png + 14.5 HTStarGrey.png
Venue tiger stadium, Florida
Attendance 1.550
Weather Weather overcast.png
Referee Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine)
Assistant referees 正治 (Masaharu) 松本 (Matsumoto) (Japan)
Mick Lieberg (Netherlands)

On 25 October 2018, Violette athletics club and Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track played a friendly in week 13 of season 69. Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track went into the match as Unofficial Clubteams World Champions and held on to the title with a comfortable 5-2 victory.

Match report

1550 punters turned up at tiger stadium, and despite threatening clouds on the horizon, no rain came. Andriy Shevchenko was the appointed referee with assistance provided by 正治 (Masaharu) 松本 (Matsumoto) and Mick Lieberg.

athletics fielded: Kokubi - Flax, Bishop, Falise - Martell, Crnjak, Hazirović, Kazakos, Jean - Ashpazbashi, Phillips. Back-on-Track's starters: Ćupina - Dragiev, Rebelo - Bilon, Curiel, Guðjónsson, Kurtov, Al-Sadah - Jahnick, Razlog, Flores.

It was to be a contest between two different football philosophies, since the home team started the game with a 3-5-2 formation while the visitors instead opted for 2-5-3.

athletics used their inadequate skill at pressing to cut off the attack angles of their opponents all over the field.

First half

A mistake by the home side's central defence after 13 minutes allowed Farid Al-Sadah to score for Back-on-Track. The scoreboard now read 0 - 1. athletics's talent at pressing frustrated the spectators as the game became a dire midfield struggle. After 23 minutes of play, Michael 'Tchenko' Phillips equalised for athletics after an elegant attack from the right. Back-on-Track took the lead after 36 minutes making the score 1 - 2. Kornelius Bilon placed the ball out of reach for the home side's keeper after a fine move, coming in from the left. Back-on-Track increased their lead after 40 minutes when Daniel Jahnick broke through on the right, upping the score to 1 - 3, much to the home crowd's dismay. At this time in the match, athletics were using their skill at pressing to successfully stifle the game. 1 - 3 was the halftime score. Back-on-Track claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 61 percent.

Second half

After 55 minutes, athletics switched Michael 'Tchenko' Phillips with Marcel Brandis, hoping for a quick impact on the pitch. With Michael 'Tchenko' Phillips no longer on the pitch, Mihovil Crnjak took over free kick duty. Elvis Falise became the new athletics captain. athletics needed a fresh pair of legs on the field, and after 55 minutes Mohsen 'Junior' Ashpazbashi made way for Casper Persson. Although the whole team were struggling to impress, athletics's Alejandro Martell was singled out as being the problem as he was called off the pitch after 60 minutes. Marco Zecchino was given a chance to change things around. The home crowd were delighted when Elvis Falise scored with a header after an attack from the right, making the score 2 - 3. But did he use his hand? That'll be one for the pundits to talk about after the game, that's for sure! The home crowd was not impressed when Daniel Jahnick came in from the right, shooting hard to score after 64 minutes. Back-on-Track were now up 2 - 4. Kornelius Bilon's early cross saw the defenders caught out of position and the alert Farid Al-Sadah was able to pounce and roll the ball past the hapless goalkeeper to score for Back-on-Track. 2 - 5. With 73 minutes played, Herberto Rebelo nearly put the visitors another one up as he broke through in the middle and fired from just outside the box, but his shot passed just over the bar. After 77 minutes, Patrick Kokubi took a hard knock between his legs. He needed a long breather but were eventually able to continue the game. The home crowd cheered when, after 78 minutes, Rudolf Kurtov's charge up the middle resulted in the keeper making one of his best saves of the day. It was announced by the referee that he estimated stoppage time to be around 1 minute. This meant there could still be an extra attack or two left in the match!

Post match

The match ends 2 - 5. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Back-on-Track, with 62 percent of the ball. Most important athletics player was Casper Persson. However, Clint Bishop made a disastrous appearance. Farid Al-Sadah performed admirably for Back-on-Track. Ove Guðjónsson turned in a dismal performance, however.

Match details

25 October 2018
Violette athletics club USA 2 – 5 Belgium Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track tiger stadium, Florida
Attendance: 1.550
Phillips  Goal  23'
Falise  Goal  60'
Report Al-Sadah  Goal  13', 71'
Bilon  Goal  36'
Jahnick  Goal  40', 64'

Default kit small home.png
GK Nigeria Patrick Kokubi
DF Belgium Elvis Falise (c)
DF Clint Bishop
DF Jamaica James Flax
MF Israel Bertrand 'chachou' Jean
MF Vassos Kazakos
MF Adian Hazirović
MF Mihovil Crnjak
MF Alejandro Martell Substituted off in the 60th minute 60'
FW USA Michael 'Tchenko' Phillips Substituted off in the 55th minute 55'
FW Iran Mohsen 'Junior' Ashpazbashi Substituted off in the 55th minute 55'
FW Marcel Brandis Substituted on in the 55th minute 55'
FW Casper Persson Substituted on in the 55th minute 55'
MF Italy Marco Zecchino Substituted on in the 60th minute 60'
Dionisio Goicoechea
Tenywa Kirumaganyi
Switzerland Armin Salen
Slovenia Bor Toplek

Nigeria Kokubi
Behaviour right.pngJamaica Flax
  Behaviour left.pngBelgium Falise
Behaviour down.pngItaly Zecchino
Behaviour down.png Crnjak
Israel Jean

Peru Flores
Croatia Razlog
Germany Jahnick
Qatar Al-Sadah
Germany Kurtov
Faroe Islands Guðjónsson
Peru Curiel
Switzerland Bilon
  Angola Rebelo
  Bulgaria Dragiev
Bosnia & Herzegovina Ćupina

Lokomotiv veltem back-on-track kit away.png
GK 9 Bosnia & Herzegovina Šahin Ćupina
DF 31 Angola Herberto Rebelo
DF 16 Bulgaria Vasil Dragiev (c)
MF 18 Qatar Farid Al-Sadah
MF 37 Germany Rudolf Kurtov
MF 34 Faroe Islands Ove Guðjónsson
MF 36 Peru Israel Curiel
MF 38 Switzerland Kornelius Bilon
FW 26 Peru Jorge Guillermo Flores
FW 33 Croatia Vice Razlog
FW 32 Germany Daniel Jahnick
GK 17 Jordan Dory Ballout
MF 14 Belgium Guido De Muynck
MF 15 Belgium Silvain Hahn
DF 24 Italy Guilio Bergamaschi
FW 27 Mongolia Qutugh Otchigin
Belgium Albert-Pierre Dethier

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