Bernd Bruylandt

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Personal Information
Full name Bernd Bruylandt
Country  Belgium
Position Midfielder
Best Prestation HTStar5.png
Club Information
Current club Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels
Youth Club
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
36-40 Belgium Mol's Hoop II _52_(35)
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
40 Belgium Mol's Hoop II _0_(0)
40-51 Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels _29_(12)

Bernd Bruylandt (Braine l'Alleud,  Belgium) was a Belgian football player who played as a Midfielder.

Early career

Bruylandt started his football career in a local youth team in Waterloo, in Brabant Wallon, Belgium. There he was scouted by Francis Vierendeels, a scout from the Antwerp team Mol's Hoop II, and soon transferred to this team. For more then 3 seasons, he played in the youth squad of this team, and was promoted to the first squad during Season 40. He didn't play any games in the first team, but was soon transferred to SVV Red Star Brussels.

Career at SVV Red Star Brussels

Bernd Bruylandt came to SVV Red Star Brussels in the Youth Talent Program of this team: a program in which young talents receive intensive training and first playing opportunities, so they can later be transferred to other teams to pursuit their careers over there. During the season however, Bruylandt became an important factor in the team, playing also a role in the training of young talents. The team management therefore decided to offer him a long term contract, which he wholeheartedly accepted.

Bruylandt soon became a key element in the central midfield of SVV Red Star Brussels. He also as a strong shot, and often scores from long range during matches. When his carreer came to an end, he started to work as an accountant.

Personal Life

Bernd Bruylandt lives in a small appartment in Ukkel, Brussels. He is a quiet and friendly young man.

Red Star Brussels
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