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Personal Information
Full name Hendrik Cosse
Country  Belgium
Position Midfielder
Best Prestation Youth YouthStar5.pngYouthStar.pngYouthStar.pngYouthStar.pngYouthStar.pngYouthStarHalf.png
Best Prestation HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalfGrey.pngHTStarGreyHalf.png
Club Information
Current club Czech Republic Opava Boys
Youth Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
43-45 Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels _30_(11)
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
45-45 BelgiumSVV Red Star Brussels _1_(0)
45-49 Czech RepublicOpava Boys _42_(4)
49-60 BelgiumScheef FC _184_(42)
60-63 Greecepapastrat _53_(2)
63- GermanyHG Gunnerst _32_(3)

Henrik Cosse (Oostende,  Belgium) is a Belgian football player who actualy plays for Opava Boys. He is a Midfielder.

Youth Player

Cosse (born Ternat, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium) joined the youth team of SVV Red Star Brussels during Season 43. As the team was then focusing on training wingers, his midfielder abilities went first unnoticed. Only when some of the individual trainers started to follow Cosse's prestations more closely, it became clear that he had a gigantic potential. Soon it seemed that he had a "excellent" potential for playmaking and passing, and a "passable" ability for crossing. As such he became one of the most promising players of his generation, and the most important player ever in Red Star Brussels' youth.

Career as A-team player

Potential Belgium U20 and transfer to Opava Boys

Because of his abilities as a young player, Cosse came into the view of a number of potential U20 coaches. If placed with one of these coaches, he would be able to start a certain U20-career. In the bidwar that broke out after his transfer listing, his faboulous transfer price of almost 6,14 million of euros was to high for the foreseen Belgian U20 trainer to pay out: Cosse was thus transferred to a Czech team; Opava Boys. Because this team couldn't offer the necessary training facilities, Cosse was excluded from a U20-career.

At Opava Boys, Cosse continued his training, despite no longer being eligible for the national team. He increased his playmaking abilities strongly, and continued playing as a first team player. At the end of season 36, he received less possibilites in the first team, and asked for a transfer. This was granted to him, he moved back to Belgium to play for Scheef FC in Ghent. His transfer fee of 2,7 million was considerably less then what Opava Boys had paid at his recruitment.

Career at Scheef FC

At Scheef FC, Cosse became a first-team player again. His first game at his new team, he could celebrate immediately the promotion from fifth to fourth Belgian Division. The team continued to evolve in the fifth division, although they had to play a few degradation duels to remain there. Cosse was a regular scorer in these duels, despite being a midfielder.

In season 54, the team however degradated to fifth division after finishing 7th in their league. After excellent performances, also from Cosse himself - who was at the height of his capacities on that time - the team repromoted to fourth division. Cosse's hundredth offical match was the game against Tsjoolder 2 in which promotion was assured, and in which he scored as well.

In season 59, the team had its best performance ever in a Cup, by reaching the 1/16th finals of the Ruby Cup. The next season, the team turned much less good. They had a good Cup run, reaching the last 64 again of the Ruby Cup, but were degradated one match later. Cosse was sold, and replaced by the teams trainee Crijs Acke, newcomer Pércio Proença, and experienced player Stef Gijsemans who was recruited to play at Cosse's position. His last game was the 3-1 loss in the Ruby Cup Round of 64 against Les Fiers de Hache.

Later career and possible return to SVV Red Star Brussels

Cosse continued his career at papastrat on the Greece island Tinos. He helped to prevent degradation in the play-off in his first season, and helped the team to promote to second division in his next season. After three seasons, the ageing Cosse was transferred away to HG Gunners in Germany.

Cosse continued his career playing in the first team of HG Gunners. However, during season 65, quite some supporters petitioned the SVV Red Star Brussels management to make a bid to get him back to his home team. Cosse was elected first in an election the fans called "which former player should return to Red Star Brussels?". The team management promised they would try to comply.

Personal Life

Hendrik Cosse is renting an appartment in Jena in Thüringen, Germany. Before he used to live in Ghent, Budweiss in Czech Republic and on the island of Tinos, Aigaio, Greece. He is married to Emma Liedts, and has two sons.

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