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The HFA (an acronym for Hattrick Football Association) is a fictional organisation located somewhere in-between Sweden and Switzerland.

It is the most powerful and secret organization in the Hattrick world. No one knowns about operational headquarters location or official members and top management identity. All we know is that members are typically referred to by number rather than by name. The number indicates rank within the organisation.

Foundation and Purpose

This governative organ was founded before 2005 by HT-Tjecken, who is also its current spokeperson. HFA can be considered to all intents and purposes the governative body of the game even if not aligned to any nation or political ideology.

As Hattrick itself, it began as a small group of bureaucrats, but became a vast international organisation controlling despotically all leagues and also World Cups.

HFA also organise the Hattrick Masters as an interleague competition for football clubs. The cup format is nowaday contested mainly by the World Top Clubs Alliance as a competition in which the winner is determined exclusively by knockout matches.


All other associations must discuss their proposals concerning the game or send their requests to this association. Over the years the HFA has expressed its opinion or made decisions about:

Takings and seasonal expenses

How is HFA financed? It is responsable for paying world-wide prize to all leagues, cups and Masters champion. A lot of money is needed! The HFA accounting books are not available for consultation, but probably revenues are coming from a small percentage on transfer market agents fee and for sure from the 100% of World Cup ticket sale campaign (now you know in whose pockets all that money ends up).

Following the the HCB Controversy some claim that HFA directly controls the Hattrick Central Bank, others believe that both organs secretly share the same management.

What we know for sure is that the HFA is economically in "Divine very high" health and thanks to its enormous financial power it tyrannizes all other corporations. Associations in rivalry are currently trying to oust those privileged from their throne.


HFA has made at least 8 famous announcements, published as My Hattrick messages and Editorials:

11-06-2010 U20 World Cup XV - Hosting Competition
This season the HFA is launching a new process to select which country will have the honour of hosting the next U20 World Cup!

Communities from around the globe get to work together and make a bid for their country. These bids need to be made as a website (a blog will do as well) explaining why YOUR country should be the next host of the U20 HT WC and what would make your event more interesting and engaging for the worldwide Hattrick community. The more involved your community is the better! Perhaps an HP article? An official logo? Mascots? Signs? Be creative! Show us what you can do!

23.11.2009 Bot to the bottom
The HFA (Hattrick Football Association) has decided to demote bot teams to the lowest possible division at this season’s end, and also to stop bot teams from promoting. Instead, some of you will promote "for free" and take their place higher up in the league pyramid.

The purpose with this change is to move bots to the bottom of the series system, and let all of you play higher up against each other. With this change most of you will play against more teams managed by real people instead of boring bots, which will spice up the competition as well as your manager life.

This new (and permanent) system will be in effect from this season's end, and be valid from division VI and down (bots in div V and up will continue using today's rules). Read on for all the details of this change.

Read the entire editorial here.

18.12.2008 Transfer Market regulations
The Hattrick Football Association and the Player Union have signed a contract clause that regulates how often a player can be put on the transfer list. From next season on, you can't transfer list a player more times than he has played games for your team. This means a player must've played at least one game for your team to be listed at all. And if he's not sold and you want to list him a second time, he must've played at least 2 games etc. Homegrown players, youth pulls for example, can be listed at all times though.

- We have to remember that it's football we're playing and that it's people we're dealing with, HFA and PU said in a joint statement. While we want every manager to be able to make a buck on the transfer, we can't accept that players are being treated as simple goods in search for quick profits any more.

26.11.2008 You shall not have more than 50 players
The Hattrick Football Association has decided to introduce a squad size limit next season (starting Jan 2009). This limit will be set to 50 players. If you have more than 50 players in your squad you will not be able to buy new players or promote youth players.

- "We felt some clubs were pushing the limit for what our administrative systems and personnel could, and should, cope with", commented a spokesman of the HFA about the decision to turn the old squad size recommendation into a more strictly imposed limit. He also added that even though the HFA will not force teams with larger squads to offload their players, the HFA can't be held responsible for any problems involving larger squads.

29.02.2008 Experts predict new spectator behaviour
The Hattrick Football Association has published a press release about their findings after a spectator behaviour research:

First it's important to say that in general, teams will still get the same income from attendance even though the spectators will behave a bit differently from now on.

We already know spectators rather sit under roof in rainy and cloudy weather nowadays. Next to that, our experts in spectator behaviour also predict fans will be more reluctant to travel to see their team play away, they rather see their team at home instead. This means the attendance figures will depend much more on the home fans, and less on away fans. As a result, managers will be in better control over their own attendance and not be as “hurt” because the away fans are angry.

Teams may however notice a drop in maximum attendance, but we advise teams not to panic and demolish arenas before knowing exactly how their spectators will behave.

06.07.2007 Club owners threatens to cancel next season
The Club Owners Federation (COF) may take drastic action if the Hattrick Football Association (HFA) and the Player Union does not respond to their demands.

- Many clubs are losing money today and the situation is getting worse. We can´t accept this anymore, the chairman of the COF said today. According to the COF, the current salary deal with the Player Union is too generous and should be renegotiated. They also point their finger at the HFA on the need to increase ticket and sponsor income. - We have raised these issues many times, but the HFA and the Union haven’t listened to us. This time we will not back down so easily, the chairman continued.

The HFA released a written statement, confirming negotiations will start this weekend. “A solution can be found, but we must not lose the long term perspective. Money is one thing, but we also need to motivate all smart managers to continue doing what they are doing right.”"

18.10.2006 The new deal
In a press conference yesterday the Hattrick Football Association (HFA) announced some economic changes for next season.

First, they have agreed terms with a computer manufacturing company which will invest in the HFA, with the money going straight into the pockets of all Hattrick teams.

HFA has also signed a new contract with the Global Agent Organisation (GAO), a contract containing lower transfer agent fees.

The HFA has also decided to lower the interest on money in the bank.

A spokesperson for the HFA stated "We are very pleased to announce this new deal for next season, even though we will have to get back to you with more exact details later on. Hattrick's background economy is healthy, the amount of money per team is increasing and this new sponsorship deal will further improve the situation. We also hope the transfer market will get a positive injection from lower agent fees and lower interests."

25.08.2006 Bankruptcy change
The Hattrick Football Association (HFA) has had enough of supporting players in bankrupted teams.

- As of September 11, 2006 we will no longer pay salaries to players in teams that have gone bankrupt, HFA's spokesperson says.
- This will of course mean that those players will leave their bankrupted teams and quit playing football since their teams cannot pay their salaries; but we don't see any reason for continuing to take the economical damage for teams going bankrupt.

National team players will however not quit if their teams go bankrupt. HFA will make sure they get transfer listed.

30.10.2005 Wing Attack training problem
The Hattrick Football Association (HFA) has confirmed speculations regarding flaws in the recently introduced Wing Attack training scheme.

- There was a mistake on our part which has led to players not receiving the correct amount of training. They have also experienced form loss, says the HFA spokesperson. - We deeply regret any problems this may have caused managers, but unfortunately we can not undo these effects. New training instructions has now been printed and distributed to all teams, making sure the correct procedures are followed in the future.

It is basically just used to reflect real-life football by the HT's as another "fun" element in the game. The HT's use it to make announcements about the game and other features that need addressing as seen above.