Rafał Murzyński

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Personal Information
Full name Rafał Murzyński
Country  Polska
Position Defender
Best Prestation HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
23-26 Polska Infermo _48_(4)
26-32 Danmark Yemen FS _76_(7)
32-35 Polska CSKA Lokomotiv _32_(11)
35-35 Suomi Koloradon Kuoriaiset _10_(1)
35-36 Italia esther _6_(0)
36-36 Belgium de joekes _2_(1)
36-38 Brasil Sociedade Esportiva de Petrópolis _29_(5)
38-41 Česká republika Budha _29_(3)
41-41 Iran F.C.OSCAR _4_(2)
41- Belgium SVV Red Star Brussels _11_(0)

Rafał Murzyński (Kalisz,  Polska) is a Polish football player who actualy plays for SVV Red Star Brussels. He is a Defender.

Early Career[edit]

Rafał started has career at Infermo. As a young defender, he immediatly made it to the first team, and played most of the official matches during his period here. Murzyński continued to develop, and soon it became clear that his Polish hometeam had become a too modest place for this player. He transferred to Danish team Yemen FS to continue his career.

Career at Yemen FS and return to Poland[edit]

Murzyński would play 6 seasons for his Danish team, playing in 4th, 5th, and 6th Division in Denmark. He became a key element in his team's defence, playing most of the official matches in the team. As the team developped, and made itself ready for an continuing rise in the Danish league tree, Rafał Murzyński would start to be set aside gradually. He moved back to Poland through a transfer to CSKA Lokomotiv in Gorzow Wielkopolski (Lubuskie). Rafał became again a first team player.

Later career[edit]

When by the end of Season 35 it became clear that Rafał wouldn't be a first choice defender for his team, he moved to Koloradon Kuoriaiset in Finland. He only stayed at this team for 10 weeks, starting a period of short-time stays at different teams: esther in Italy, de joekes in Belgium, Sociedade Esportiva de Petrópolis in Brazil, Budha in the Czech Republic, and finally F.C.OSCAR in Iran. Murzyński then joined his current team SVV Red Star Brussels, again in Belgium.

Career at SVV Red Star Brussels[edit]

Murzyński joined SVV Red Star Brussels near the end of his playing' career, to temporarily help to support the weak defense ratings of that team. He became one of the key players of the defense of this team.

Seasons Overview at Red Star Brussels[edit]

This tabel gives an overview of the matches Rafał Murzyński played through the seasons.

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
41 VIII.255 0 0 0 0 0 0
42 VII.578 8 0 1 0 9 0
43 VI.449 1 0 1 0 2 0
Total 9 0 2 0 11 0

Personal Life[edit]

Rafał lives in the Central European neighbourhood around Louisa Avenue, Brussels.

Red Star Brussels
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