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On this page you can find the history of SVV Red Star Brussels (formerly SVV Red Star Gent), from its foundation on August 18th 2009 untill now.

Origins & Foundation

SVV Red Star Brussels was founded in Hattrick on August 18th 2009. The team was founded by a group of socialists in the city of Ghent, who wanted to combine their political activity with their passion for football. Lunacharsky was elected as manager for the new team.


Bridge at the entrance of the Keizerspark in Ghent, where the origins of Red Star Gent lay.

The origins of the team can be traced back to a group of trotskyist football lovers who used to regularly play in the Keizerspark in the city of Ghent. They used to gather twice a week to train and play football games amongst eachother. These games attracted a lot of people from the neighbourhoods, young and old, who watched the games, and discussed political subjects during midtime, and before and after the match.

Soon these gatherings started to attract enormous masses. In the summer of 2009, several games on Saturday evenings attracted more then 500 spectators, an enormous crowd for the small Keizerspark. These gatherings where also used to discuss the political actuality, and to mobilise for demonstrations and industrial actions.

Demonstration on July 31th to demand for a terrain to start the Red Star Gent football team.

This mobilising aspect was making the Ghent City Council more and more suspicious. On July 24th, during the Ghent Festival, they closed acces to the Keizerspark, under pretext that the mass gatherings were becoming to big for safety reasons. This provoked an enormous uprage amongst local workers and youth, and they decided to organise a demonstration in the city centre of Ghent.

The demonstration attracted more then 3000 participants, and became a gathering point for all kind of dissatisfaction with the City Council and its antisocial policies. The workers that worked for the City Council declared to go on strike starting from August 3th if the matter was not arranged.

Old stadium near Blaarmeerse Park in Ghent before the rennovation by Red Star Gent fans.

The City Council decided to agree to the demand of the demonstrators, to prevent further actions. However, they decided to put forward an almost impossible demand to the football lovers who wanted to create the team: the team was given an old stadium near the Blaarmeersen Park, but the fans had to prepare the stadium themselves before mid August to prove that they were really motivated.

Aereal view of the Stadium after the renovation in August 2009.

The fans decided to accept this "test", and mobilised hundreds of workers and students who volunteered to help to rennovate the stadium building. A huge fundraiser was organised to gather the funds to pay for the needed materials.

The stadium was finished the evening before the City Councils' deadline on August 16th 2009. The next day, a demand was introduced at the Hattrick central to subscribe for the competition. The subscription was accepted August 18th, the team took up serial number (839359), replacing Zandvoortse sjotters, who had left Hattrick. The team started in competition IX.1432.

Move to Brussels

After 3 seasons, it became clear that the team attracted a growing number of supporters from other regions then Ghent and Oost-Vlaanderen. Especially supporters from the Brussels Region and Wallonia became a very considerable part of the fans. Besides this, the Ghent City Council was extremely reluctant in granting the necessary permissions for the enlargment of the stadium.

Therefore, it was decided on April 2nd that the team would move out of Ghent, and would be relocated to Elsene, Brussels. A new stadium was prepared at Volta Street in Elsene. The team played their first official match in this new stadium on April 25st 2010, the competition match against FC Timbré.


Season 39 (Belgium: 26)

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When RSG was founded, the team played only the last round of Season 39 in competition IX.1432. The match against SKDH United ended in a 2-2 draw, placing RSG fifth in the competition.

Season 40 (Belgium: 27)

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SVV Red Star Gent started her first full season on September 13th 2009 against United KV. RSG won easily 3-0, and immediatly showed their claims on the title for the season. The team lost their second game against SKDH United 2-0, and remained on a second place for the remainder of the season. Red Star Gent won every match, except again against SKDH United on the before-last matchday, where they lost 1-2 at home. Joël Crahay became topscorer of League IX.1432. RSG promoted to League VII.1244.

Season 41 (Belgium: 28)

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The competition started with an away match against fc lach je rijk, which was won 0-8. RSB would continue to win their matches, and continued being on the top of the competition. They were in fierce but sportive competition with Real Lokomotiv Moulbaix, who also won all of their matches, and who led the competition between Matchday 2 and Matchday 6, because of their better goal difference. Matchday 7 saw the clash between both leading teams, with Red Star Brussels defeating Real Lokomotiv Moulbaix 4-1. The return match the next week ended in a 3-3 draw, these duels made Red Star Brussels leader of the competition, a position they wouldn't lose any more throughout the season. RSB won the competition, and promoted directly to Division VII.578.

Season 42 (Belgium: 29)

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Red Star Brussels played their first season under the new name (before that, they were known as Red Star Gent) in competition VII.578.

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