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At december 5th 2008 Julen opened a thread Global (English) named "Matches to Bookmark" (messageID:12236839.1). In this topic a list with all kind of notable matches was collected.


Crazy Scores[edit]

How'd I Loose?[edit]

How'd I Loose? is a common used phrase on the forum. These are some matches with real bad luck.

Best comebacks[edit]

Crazy Minutes[edit]

1st minute[edit]

44th minute[edit]

  • (13812865) World Cup match, 3 goals in the 44th min

45th minute[edit]

90th minute[edit]


Notable Facts[edit]



Youth Academy best ratings[edit]


  • [1] Divine (very low) Central Defense
  • [2] Utopian (high) Central Defense
  • [3] Mythical (very low) Central Defense



  • [5] Titanic (low) Right Attack
  • [6] Supernatural (low) Left Attack and Magnificent (low) Right Attack
  • [7] Supernatural (low) Left Attack
  • [8] World class (low) Left Attack and Magnificent (low) Right Attack

Tactics and Events[edit]


Attack In the Middle[edit]


Counter Attack[edit]

  • (118182533) Divine Counter Attack
  • (176272358) Divine Counter Attack
  • (56026272) 7-0-3 Counter Attack wins 1-0, with a wrong player in the defense
  • (111506110) 5 Counter Attacks total, 4 for one team
  • (163633281) 3 Counter Attacks in 7 mins, victory with 24% of the ball
  • (95106253) Counter Attack in extra-time
  • (70641727) Counter Attack originated by a missed penalty
  • (80289194) 36 mins between the missed chance and the Counter Attack it originated
  • (95917960) Both play Counter Attack, 2+2 Counter Attacks. Posession switched in 2nd half
  • (69222850) One team played Counter Attack, but it was the other that scored three Counter Attack goals!

Play Creatively[edit]

Long Shots[edit]


Most special events per match[edit]

Unpredictable events[edit]

Quick events[edit]

Head Events[edit]

Technical events[edit]

  • (218231938) 2 Technical vs Head special events in 2 minutes! (39th and 41st)
  • (213468219) Technical vs Head, 88th min

Counter Attack Events[edit]

Winger events[edit]

Experience events[edit]

Weather events[edit]

Set Pieces[edit]


Weird chance distributions[edit]


Top scorers in a single match[edit]

Player(s) Name(s)[edit]

For funny playernames see Funny names



Notable facts[edit]

Youth Academy Highest player ratings[edit]


Most draws[edit]