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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the top menu category named "Forum". For other uses of Forum, see Forum (disambiguation)
The Forum menu using the simple skin, all threads in the selected tab are read, user is a member of all recommended forums

The Forum menu is the fourth of seven top menu categories. It gives a manager access to all the forums he has the right to view and read. Despite all efforts it is also very likely still the most complex of all menu categories, but it also remains one of the most important community features of the entire game.


My Forum

There is a left side submenu called My Forum composed of three tabs: New posts, Shortcuts and All.

  • New posts shows the manager all unread messages in forums he is not ignoring. All threads with unread messages not older than seven days are displayed. If a thread is completely read it will disappear from the list and a less recent thread with unread messages will pop up.
  • Shortcuts is split in three parts: Threads I follow, Threads created by me and Bookmarked users messages. The first displays all threads a manager has subscribed to, the second shows all threads opened by the manager, the last one shows threads with messages posted by users he has bookmarked for the forums. The third feature is a Hattrick Supporter feature.
  • All displays all current forum memberships in the order selected in the preferences menu.


There is also a right side submenu simply called Forum allowing further choices.

  • Messages to me shows all yet unread messages that were addressed to the manager.
  • Bookmarked users messages is the complete listing of all not yet read messages posted by users bookmarked for the forums.
  • Recently viewed displays the last fifty recently viewed messages, meaning the last ten threads a manager opened.
  • Recommended forums displays all forums recommended to the manager. As soon as he becomes a member of any of these forums it will disappear from the list of suggested forums. The item also offers a menu to search for forums sorted by their forum type: National forum, series forum, questions forum, non-HT related, language, regional forum and CHPP forum.

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