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World Top 10
# (Country) Team Doubles

Venezuela beltxis


South Africa The Darker Side


Cymru FC Red Dwarf


Nippon Shirayuri Sky


Jamaica kingston lokomotiv


Dawlat Qatar Qatarodenburcht


Nigeria Ago Iwoye


Føroyar Bainræakjin


Dawlat Qatar Jadeed Eleven


Kazakhstan Real RiddeR


Brunei Grimoire Hearts

Clubs in italic are now abandoned and they will not do better in the future

The Double is a slang term for winning in the same season both the country's:

Cupseason56.png Division I.PNG
main cup and top division.

Winning a "double" is a bit rarer in countries with many clubs, since the path to cup is all-season long and usually quite difficult.

Double Champions

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Many users have always considered a double to be the highest glory that a club can obtain, though, after the introduction of Hattrick Masters as the third seasonal trophy, it is possible to obtain even a "hattrick" of titles. beltxis is the first team to win this "treble" by winning League, Cup and Masters in the same season.

  • The list is updated before the beginning of global Season 75.
It not include clubs with 1 double victory: Only Team with 2 or more doubles are shown.
  •  Hattrick International league is not included.
  • The table is sortable with a click on header. At start it's ordered by continent and by seniority of the league (n°1 is Sweden and then the others in order of league creation).
It can be sorted by number of victories clicking on the "Doubles" column.

Europe Sweden (Sverige)Inter Sthlm2
Europe Sweden (Sverige)Innat FC2
Europe England (England)Kester County2
Europe England (England)The Knights who say Ni!2
Europe England (England)Durham City FC2
Europe Germany (Deutschland)FC Teerlunge2
Europe Germany (Deutschland)FC Martini2
Europe Italy (Italia)Arezzo Galasocaray2
Europe Italy (Italia)Juve United2
Europe France (France)Kastelin2
Europe France (France)FC Tourville2
Europe Norway (Norge)Birkelunden BK3
Europe Norway (Norge)IL Varegg3
Europe Finland (Suomi)FC West4
Europe Finland (Suomi)Heiskan JK2
Europe Netherlands (Nederland)Stiphout Vooruit3
Europe Republic of Ireland (Ireland)Killagoola5
Europe Republic of Ireland (Ireland)GB Rovers4
Europe Republic of Ireland (Ireland)Inter United2
Europe Republic of Ireland (Ireland)Swords City2
Europe Republic of Ireland (Ireland)Smithwick's FC2
Europe Poland (Polska)acorp2
Europe Poland (Polska)Baribalki2
Europe Portugal (Portugal)Venenosos FC2
Europe Scotland (Scotland)Lothian Lions3
Europe Turkey (Türkiye)KARAKARTAL7
Europe Turkey (Türkiye)Wuhou2
Europe Turkey (Türkiye)Sakalkan Cats2
Europe Turkey (Türkiye)HERO-MARAŞ2
Europe Russia (Rossiya)KPEMEHb2
Europe Russia (Rossiya)I L.S.F.2
Europe Russia (Rossiya)brise2
Europe Spain (España)Babylon 52
Europe Spain (España)Tamariz2
Europe Romania (România)Uraganul Rosu3
Europe Austria (Österreich)Condors2
Europe Austria (Österreich)Thule Sportklub2
Europe Belgium (Belgium)RSC Ana Ivanovic2
Europe Belgium (Belgium)Toppie!!!2
Europe Switzerland (Schweiz)hobbits play football4
Europe Hungary (Magyarország)Dinamo Budapest2
Europe Hungary (Magyarország)Little Shop of Errors2
Europe Czech Republic (Česká republika)FC Rozzuřený Lumíci3
Europe Czech Republic (Česká republika)Ničivá Síla2
Europe Czech Republic (Česká republika)AC Ziky team2
Europe Latvia (Latvija)The Magnificent One2
Europe Estonia (Eesti)Metsmüttajad2
Europe Serbia (Srbija)Flying Bot3
Europe Croatia (Hrvatska)Looney Toons Utd.2
Europe Wales (Cymru)FC Red Dwarf15
Europe Wales (Cymru)Sheargoal Village7
Europe Wales (Cymru)Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau2
Europe Bulgaria (Bulgaria)Big Battle Axe3
Europe Bulgaria (Bulgaria)sektor2
Europe Slovenia (Slovenija)Pohorski Špartanci FC3
Europe Slovakia (Slovensko)FC zlomene vazy2
Europe Slovakia (Slovensko)sk rk2
Europe Ukraine (Ukraina)FC_Kamenec4
Europe Ukraine (Ukraina)Peace Death3
Europe Ukraine (Ukraina)FC DeRibas2
Europe Bosnia & Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina)Normala FC2
Europe Faroe Islands (Føroyar)Bainræakjin11
Europe Faroe Islands (Føroyar)God Damn Colonials3
Europe Faroe Islands (Føroyar)Faroese Vikings2
Europe Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)FightClub Football Club5
Europe Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)L'auberge espagnole3
Europe Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)Alisontia Steesel2
Europe Cyprus (Cyprus)EL Gabrielinio4
Europe Cyprus (Cyprus)Antonis Utd 3
Europe Cyprus (Cyprus)Greek Legends2
Europe Cyprus (Cyprus)Manchester United Red Devils2
Europe Belarus (Belarus)FC Zahop3
Europe Belarus (Belarus)Inter Minsk3
Europe Belarus (Belarus)FC Boars2
Europe Belarus (Belarus)FC "Gomel"2
Europe Belarus (Belarus)Minsk Jigits2
Europe Belarus (Belarus)Melanium2
Europe Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland)Kilmore Rec5
Europe Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland)Metallicamen3
Europe Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland)The Sundays3
Europe Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland)Limmat Lightning2
Europe Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland)St.Paul United F.C2
Europe North Macedonia (Severna Makedonija)Sv.Naum4
Europe North Macedonia (Severna Makedonija)pikyto-GIGANT2
Europe Albania (Shqiperia)TEUTA MILAN8
Europe Albania (Shqiperia)Skanderbeg Athleta Christi2
Europe Malta (Malta)Zurrieq Holland3
Europe Malta (Malta)Mellieha F.C.2
Europe Malta (Malta)Koiralan Koirat2
Europe Moldova (Moldova)Vieru2
Europe Andorra (Andorra)Sispony F.C.7
Europe Andorra (Andorra)Malparits F.C.3
Europe Andorra (Andorra)U.E. Sant Jordi2
Europe Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)YW N!ghtmare4
Europe Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)FC Rofenberg2
Europe Montenegro (Crna Gora)Donja Gorica2
Europe Montenegro (Crna Gora)Dawn of May2
America Mexico (México)ac dalbrusatas4
America Mexico (México)Atlas3
America Mexico (México)Palomas Turbo2
America Mexico (México)CRIJUNUPA CF2
America Argentina (Argentina)Boca Juniors4
America USA (USA)Kansas City Wizards2
America USA (USA)S.W.H.2
America Brazil (Brasil)Inter RS2
America Brazil (Brasil)RAJA TORO F.C.2
America Canada (Canada)Barrington Barons3
America Canada (Canada)Burlington Burninators2
America Chile (Chile)Universidad de Chile3
America Chile (Chile)Sion3
America Chile (Chile)bacanes f.c2
America Chile (Chile)Trasandino F.c2
America Colombia (Colombia)WANDER´S F.C.5
America Colombia (Colombia)Deportivo Polo3
America Peru (Perú)Camisera Blanquirroja4
America Peru (Perú)Los Santos FC2
America Peru (Perú)Recreativo de Aldebaran2
America Peru (Perú)C.A. Vizcardo2
America Peru (Perú)SKiller2
America Uruguay (Uruguay)Acontramano2
America Venezuela (Venezuela)beltxis23
America Venezuela (Venezuela)Masuka F.C2
America Venezuela (Venezuela)Vzla Fury F.C2
America Paraguay (Paraguay)Tricolor de Corazón4
America Paraguay (Paraguay)Guma F.C.2
America Ecuador (Ecuador)El Barcelona S. C.4
America Ecuador (Ecuador)NelsonstarS2
America Ecuador (Ecuador)MetalDevils2
America Ecuador (Ecuador)FC Coll de l'Alba2
America Ecuador (Ecuador)Guayaquil F.C.2
America Bolivia (Bolivia)1982 Niupi5
America Bolivia (Bolivia)-Real Madrid FC-2
America Bolivia (Bolivia)Atlético Sardiña2
America Bolivia (Bolivia)MiLLoNaR!o$$2
America Bolivia (Bolivia)WormHole2
America Costa Rica (Costa Rica)-Alberto-4
America Costa Rica (Costa Rica)LoQuillo F.C4
America Costa Rica (Costa Rica)pura_vida3
America Costa Rica (Costa Rica)MFF b2
America Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)Aventura10007
America Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)Once en el césped4
America Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)fc nekroz3
America Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)EL BONCHE2
America Jamaica (Jamaica)kingston lokomotiv13
America Jamaica (Jamaica)Jamaica Tigers3
America Jamaica (Jamaica)dyslexics untied3
America Panama (Panama)Falcon United FC2
America Panama (Panama)CALIDOSOS PANAMA2
America Honduras (Honduras)Racing Olimpia3
America Honduras (Honduras)Vengadores de Motagua2
America Honduras (Honduras)COLLA-AERIA H.2
America El Salvador (El Salvador)ZVZIO9
America El Salvador (El Salvador)Club Atletico Santaneco Juniors2
America Guatemala (Guatemala)DarthFenuz4
America Guatemala (Guatemala)Real Guatemala3
America Guatemala (Guatemala)C.S.D. Municipal2
America Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago)San Juan Kings4
America Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago)Cantona Kickers3
America Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago)Jokeymen FC2
America Nicaragua (Nicaragua)Diplito FC6
America Nicaragua (Nicaragua)The Firefoxes3
America Nicaragua (Nicaragua)Formula 12
America Nicaragua (Nicaragua)RogoTeam2
America Nicaragua (Nicaragua)Cagalitrosos FC2
America Suriname (Suriname)Sin City Scorpio's7
America Suriname (Suriname)Sranang Pro4
America Suriname (Suriname)SURINAMER2
America Suriname (Suriname)The PARAsitic PINworms2
America Suriname (Suriname)Paniek Zaaiende Bakra's2
America Barbados (Barbados)Bridgetown Stars6
America Barbados (Barbados)Silver Sands4
America Barbados (Barbados)Jamestown Flying Fish2
America Barbados (Barbados)Lighting Trident Monkeys2
America Barbados (Barbados)Dardi's Football Academy2
America Cuba (Cuba)Holy Cross Crusaders3
America Curaçao (Curaçao)sbneo3
Africa South Africa (South Africa)The Darker Side19
Africa South Africa (South Africa)Lions6
Africa South Africa (South Africa)kentheman FK2
Africa Egypt (Misr)Casino Salzburg4
Africa Egypt (Misr)Bianco_Neri4
Africa Egypt (Misr)Egyptham United3
Africa Egypt (Misr)Alexandria Pharaohs2
Africa Egypt (Misr)Cactus2
Africa Egypt (Misr)El Jan Freenk2
Africa Nigeria (Nigeria)Ago Iwoye11
Africa Nigeria (Nigeria)Elephantinhos FC6
Africa Nigeria (Nigeria)Victorian Kings3
Africa Nigeria (Nigeria)Adegas Marines2
Africa Nigeria (Nigeria)Boavista Lagos2
Africa Nigeria (Nigeria)Chipolopolo Boys2
Africa Morocco (Al Maghrib)FAR Meknès united6
Africa Morocco (Al Maghrib)Younes FC5
Africa Morocco (Al Maghrib)FC Chuchu4
Africa Morocco (Al Maghrib)RCD3
Africa Morocco (Al Maghrib)C.S.A.C.3
Africa Morocco (Al Maghrib)beckerama2
Africa Kenya (Kenya)wanafunzi5
Africa Kenya (Kenya)Nairobi CF2
Africa Algeria (Algérie)48heures7
Africa Algeria (Algérie)Atlético Mexx5
Africa Algeria (Algérie)Giacomo Casanova3
Africa Senegal (Senegal)DIARAF4
Africa Senegal (Senegal)lazioDK3
Africa Senegal (Senegal)Caesar Spor II2
Africa Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)Praia F C2
Africa Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)Milan FCP2
Africa Cape Verde (Cabo Verde)Unidos Pantera Preta2
Africa Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)Evuambe Team6
Africa Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)les éléphants5
Africa Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)patetik3
Africa Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)Thurgovia II2
Africa Angola (Angola)AC LUANDA4
Africa Angola (Angola)Luanda United FC3
Africa Angola (Angola)vecchiaguardia12
Africa Angola (Angola)Norte Zelândia Bola mongóis2
Africa Mozambique (Moçambique)Corinthians Moçambique4
Africa Mozambique (Moçambique)Zimbabwe Fc3
Africa Mozambique (Moçambique)Dynamos Harare2
Africa Mozambique (Moçambique)TGV de Maputo2
Africa Ghana (Ghana)Farim Flash9
Africa Ghana (Ghana)Accra Great Foli7
Africa Ghana (Ghana)Otto Addo's cruciate ligament4
Africa Ghana (Ghana)joebuddengh fc3
Africa Benin (Bénin)Dynamo Sodels FC7
Africa Benin (Bénin)Howles Bowles5
Africa Benin (Bénin)Lokomotive Cotonou3
Africa Benin (Bénin)FC, Liverpool2
Africa Benin (Bénin)Diamant Noir2
Africa Benin (Bénin)Los sureños (mendruguillos II)2
Africa Tanzania (Tanzania)Kilimanjaro Sunrise9
Africa Tanzania (Tanzania)Tanzanite6
Africa Tanzania (Tanzania)Tanzanian Delusions2
Africa Uganda (Uganda)Aloha Hoobsen F.ootball C.ranes4
Africa Uganda (Uganda)Safari Stars2
Africa Uganda (Uganda)Kampala Stars2
Africa Uganda (Uganda)Draggen United2
Africa Cameroon (Cameroon)Lions de Yaoundé2
Africa Cameroon (Cameroon)FC Bavaria Foxvalley2
Asia India (India)Mahatma Memorial5
Asia India (India)cowabunga kickers4
Asia India (India)Trolls R Us3
Asia India (India)ravi' super 112
Asia India (India)Bangalore Tigers2
Asia Japan (Nippon)Shirayuri Sky13
Asia Japan (Nippon)pirxy9
Asia Japan (Nippon)Avatars of Wilderness2
Asia Japan (Nippon)Akihabara Tigers2
Asia Japan (Nippon)Totemo Baka II2
Asia Japan (Nippon)Komatsushima Keirin Riders2
Asia South Korea (Hanguk)Suwon Ball-Kickers/Bluewings3
Asia South Korea (Hanguk)Songbuk Cylons3
Asia South Korea (Hanguk)AS Uijeongbu 073
Asia South Korea (Hanguk)kuemmi2
Asia South Korea (Hanguk)RainbowRabbit2
Asia Thailand (Prathet Thai)Bacon SuperDelight5
Asia Thailand (Prathet Thai)terranzX3
Asia Thailand (Prathet Thai)Crystal FC2
Asia China (China)Tsing Yi MTR Drivers4
Asia China (China)ArcadiaSH3
Asia China (China)1473692
Asia Singapore (Singapore)Isle of Flames4
Asia Singapore (Singapore)Be Champions2
Asia Philippines (Pilipinas)Philippine Nationals FC3
Asia Philippines (Pilipinas)FC Baguio Kaisers3
Asia Philippines (Pilipinas)Virac Islanders2
Asia Hong Kong (Hong Kong)Love Mimi Football Club6
Asia Hong Kong (Hong Kong)eXplore IAW FIFA5
Asia Hong Kong (Hong Kong)Connie_chiwah HoHoFun3
Asia Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)Golden Dragon6
Asia Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)Kaohsiung United3
Asia Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)Green Leaf F.C.2
Asia Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)Sivilisation2
Asia Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)Taiwan Typhoons2
Asia Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)Taipei City Clappers2
Asia Pakistan (Pakistan)Saads Football Club7
Asia Pakistan (Pakistan)We are Soldiers4
Asia Pakistan (Pakistan)Skyscream2
Asia Pakistan (Pakistan)Karachi City2
Asia Pakistan (Pakistan)Saigon Saints4
Asia Pakistan (Pakistan)RollingDice2
Asia Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia)KFUPM7
Asia Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia)Riyadh Warriors5
Asia Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia)Bramante's Scimitars2
Asia Tunisia (Tounes)Super Sidekicks3
Asia Tunisia (Tounes)Saharan Gladiators2
Asia Tunisia (Tounes)Espérance sportive de tunis2
Asia Tunisia (Tounes)L Inter de Milan2
Asia United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)Kojak United8
Asia United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)Azad4
Asia United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)Frontón de Fadón JP3
Asia United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)The Sheiks2
Asia United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)Toro Rosso2
Asia Iran (Iran)Brescia IFC5
Asia Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic)Osh G.S.2
Asia Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic)Nookat2
Asia Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic)AbshyrAta2
Asia Georgia (Sakartvelo)Inter Tbilisi5
Asia Georgia (Sakartvelo)italianità3
Asia Georgia (Sakartvelo)Khinkali Saburtalo2
Asia Georgia (Sakartvelo)Maursluker FC2
Asia Jordan (Al Urdun)Constantine F.C.4
Asia Jordan (Al Urdun)SC Pastinakken3
Asia Jordan (Al Urdun)zo3raan2
Asia Jordan (Al Urdun)Hackers United2
Asia Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)Real RiddeR10
Asia Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)FC Uralsk3
Asia Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)Faust des Westens II2
Asia Mongolia (Mongol Uls)nomadic8
Asia Mongolia (Mongol Uls)Ulaanbaatar Paper Tigers4
Asia Mongolia (Mongol Uls)Mongol fieri4
Asia Mongolia (Mongol Uls)Mongol-yn Ezent Güren2
Asia Lebanon (Lubnan)=FC Zenit Spb=9
Asia Lebanon (Lubnan)Inter Beirut4
Asia Lebanon (Lubnan)Tarabeesh Sawa3
Asia Lebanon (Lubnan)Maccabi Beirut2
Asia Lebanon (Lubnan)BlackRavens SPb2
Asia Lebanon (Lubnan)Al Aggressive2
Asia Armenia (Hayastan)Vanadzor United2
Asia Armenia (Hayastan)FC Ararat Yerevan2
Asia Bahrain (Bahrain)DDSFC3
Asia Bahrain (Bahrain)FIRST Blood2
Asia Bahrain (Bahrain)Creepe's Prouers2
Asia Bahrain (Bahrain)Thieles Dream Team II2
Asia Kuwait (Al Kuwayt).NET Stars4
Asia Kuwait (Al Kuwayt)Olfert Fischer3
Asia Kuwait (Al Kuwayt)Desert Amazons2
Asia Iraq (Al Iraq)Iraqi4
Asia Iraq (Al Iraq)Spiroezie Juniors4
Asia Iraq (Al Iraq)Duhok United2
Asia Iraq (Al Iraq)Erbil Sport Club2
Asia Iraq (Al Iraq)Neo Team2
Asia Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan)Maaspoort United4
Asia Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan)Qarabağ2
Asia Bangladesh (Bangladesh)Bunga Bangladesh6
Asia Bangladesh (Bangladesh)Asian All Stars FC5
Asia Bangladesh (Bangladesh)Indomitables3
Asia Bangladesh (Bangladesh)SymbolicBD2
Asia Bangladesh (Bangladesh)FC Baster2
Asia Yemen (Al Yaman)Broscute8
Asia Oman (Oman)Muechande7
Asia Oman (Oman)BAYERN OMAN2
Asia Oman (Oman)ChessStyle2
Asia Brunei (Brunei)Grimoire Hearts10
Asia Brunei (Brunei)Bobzbie FC2
Asia Brunei (Brunei)Alegria :)2
Asia Kampuchea (Prateh Kampuchea)Rangoon Dragons7
Asia Kampuchea (Prateh Kampuchea)DLM Cambodia3
Asia Kampuchea (Prateh Kampuchea)Street Sharks2
Asia Kampuchea (Prateh Kampuchea)Vottamazza2
Asia Kampuchea (Prateh Kampuchea)Nac Mac Feegles United Against Ya Wee Dafties2
Asia Syria (Suriyah)GarCol Racing Club3
Asia Syria (Suriyah)atomicenis2
Asia Syria (Suriyah)Deir Mar Musa2
Asia Qatar (Dawlat Qatar)Qatarodenburcht12
Asia Qatar (Dawlat Qatar)Jadeed Eleven10
Asia Maldives (Dhivehi Raajje)Bacardi Beach Boys5
Asia Maldives (Dhivehi Raajje)CastedduMaldives4
Asia Maldives (Dhivehi Raajje)Talented Teens2
Asia Uzbekistan (O'zbekiston)FHC WhiteWolves2
Asia Uzbekistan (O'zbekiston)ice_2
Asia Palestine (Palestine)Real D_A_S_T2
Oceania Oceania (Oceania)Mascot Musketeers2
Oceania Oceania (Oceania)Eager to Beaver2